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Результаты поиска термина [fluorescent]

  1. Флуоресцирующий; флуоресцентный (о надписи)

  2. U-lamp a tubular lamp whose bulb has a 180° bend at the center,

  3. Having the property to produce fluorescence.

  4. The ability of certain materials to absorb energy and then immediately release that energy in the form of light
fluorescent (rt)
    The emission of electromagnetic radiation by a substance as the result of the absorption of electromagnetic or corpuscular radiation having greater unit energy than that of the fluorescent radiation. fluorescence is characterized by the fact that it occurs only so long as the stimulus responsible for it is maintained. the characteristic x-radiation emitted, as a result of absorption of x-rays of higher frequency is a typical example of fluorescence. property of emitting visible light as the result of and only during, the absorption of radiant energy from some other source (i.e., black light).
fluorescent antibodies
    Флюоресцирующие антитела применяются в микробиологической диагностике.
fluorescent antibody (fa) techniques
    Suite of assays that use a fluorescently labeled antibody to bind to and so make an antigen easy to visualize
fluorescent antibody test
    Technique (fat)
fluorescent discharge tube
    fluorescent dye penetrant (pt)
      A highly penetrating liquid that fluoresces when subjected to ultraviolet or black light, used to produce luminous indications of surface flaws or discontinuities.
    fluorescent enzyme immunoassay (feia)
      Eia in which the substrate is a fluorogen that becomes fluorescent following reaction with the enzyme
    fluorescent filters
      Filters designed to compensate for weak red and excessive green wavelengths in typical fluorescent light sources. fld and flb filters can tame some of the more commonly used tube types. tip: for the new pro, tests are advisable.
    fluorescent intensifying screen
      fluorescent lamp
      1. A lass tube filled with mercury gas and coated on its inner surface with phosphors. when the gas is charged with an electrical current, radiation is produced which in turn energizes the phosphors, causing the phosphors to glow.

      2. A low-pressure electricdischarge lamp; ultraviolet-light radiation is generated by the passage of an arc through mercury vapor; the inner surface of the lamp tube is coated with a phosphor which absorbs the ultraviolet and converts some of it into visible light. flow pressure 424 flue lining fluorescent lamp

      3. Commonly and improperly designates an electric lamplike device emitting ultraviolet radiations or black light.

      4. A glass globe or tube the inner surface of which is coated with a fluorescent substance that produces visible light when excited by an electrical current.
      fluorescent lamp.
        fluorescent lamps
          Lamps which emit fluorescent light, usually generated by irradiation of a phosphor with light from an electric gas discharge
        fluorescent light
        1. Light produced by a fluorescent lamp. see fluorescent lamp.

        2. A form of lighting that uses long thin tubes of glass which contain mercury vapour and various phosphor powders (chemicals based a glossary of renewable energy all those technical terms can make renewable energy systems difficult for many people to understand. this glossary aims to cover all of the most commonly used terms, as well as a few of the more specific terms. www.ata.org.au renew 110 89 on phosphorus) to produce white light. see also compact fluorescent lamp.
        fluorescent lighting
          A fluorescent lamp is a gas-filled glass tube with a phosphur coating on the inside. gas inside the tube is ionized by electricity which causes the phosphur coating to glow. normally with two pins that extend from each end.
        fluorescent lighting fixture
          A luminaire, usually complete with fluorescent lamps, sockets, ballast, reflector, and a louver or diffusing medium. fluorescent-mercury lamp
        fluorescent magnetic particle inspection (mt)
          The inspection process employing magnetic materials which have been coated with a material that fluoresces when activated by light of suitable wavelength.
        fluorescent magnetic particles
          fluorescent magnetic-particle inspection
            fluorescent paint
              fluorescent particle
                Magnetic particle coated with pigment that fluoresces when excited with uv-a radiation. testing with fluorescent particles is performed under low ambient lighting and controlled ultraviolet radiation. compare dual-use particle; visible particle.
              fluorescent penetrant inspection
                fluorescent penetrant method
                  Метод дефектоскопии проникающим флуоресцентным веществом
                fluorescent phobia
                  The paralyzing dread (sometimes justifiable) of using fluorescent ceiling fixtures to shoot with.
                fluorescent pigments
                  Pigments of exceptional brilliance which absorb ultraviolet radiant energy and reemit it as visible light.
                fluorescent probe
                  A stain used for tagging and labeling biological cells to detect structures, molecules, or proteins within the cell. also single-stranded pieces of dna, with enzymatically incorporated fluorescent tags, affixed in a microscopic array (dna microarray).
                fluorescent reflector lamp
                  A fluorescent lamp having reflective powder between the phosphor and the tube wall over part of the circumference; this directs a larger percentage of the light flux to one side.
                fluorescent screen (salt screen) (rt)
                  Intensifying screens composed of fluorescent all, such as calcium tungstate, which emit a visible blue-violet electromagnetic radiation when activated by the absorption of the primary rays, thereby reducing the exposure time.
                fluorescent screens
                  fluorescent screens (rt)
                    Intensifying screens composed of fluorescent salts which emit a visible blue-violet electromagnetic radiation when activated by the absorption of the primary rays, thereby reducing the exposure time.
                  fluorescent snaking
                    The apparent swirling and twisting of the arc in a fluorescent lamp; a common phenomenon in a new lamp until it has been turned on and off a few times.
                  fluorescent strip
                    A fluorescent luminaire in which the lamp(s) are mounted on a wiring channel containing the ballast and lamp sockets, usually without light reflectors or lenses.
                  fluorescent tube
                    fluorescent-activated display-