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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Результаты поиска термина [structural]

  1. Структурный; конструктивный

  2. Said of a load-bearing member, element, etc., of a building.

  3. A структурный analysis, class, description, linguistics, metaphor, order, phonologist, phonology, series, signal, system
structural -
    Конструктивные меры по обновлению [восстановлению внешнего вида] здания
structural . design documents 305 depth gauge
    structural adhesive
    1. A bonding agent used for transferring

    2. A bonding agent used to prepare bonded joints which are able to sustain very high loads. structural analysis, stress analysis in structural engineering, the analytical determination of the stresses in the elements of a structure resulting from an applied load.
    structural adjustment
      Структурное преобразование непрерывная потребность, испытываемая всеми производствами, в приспособлении к новым экономическим и коммерческим условиям, возникающим по причине смены, потребительских вкусов, технологических инноваций, снижений тарифов, ликвидации субсидий и пр
    structural alloy
      structural analysis
        Разработанный наса метод расчета на прочность
      structural analysis.
        structural analysis:
          Procedure or algorithm for determination of action effects in every point of a structure note a structural analysis may have to be performed at three levels using different models : global analysis, member analysis, local analysis.
        structural basin
          structural bay
            structural bench
              A platform-like, nearly level to gently inclined erosional surface developed on resistant strata in areas where valleys are cut in alternating strong and weak layers with an essentially horizontal attitude. structural benches are bedrock controlled, and in contrast to stream terraces, have no geomorphic implication of former, partial erosion cycles and base-level controls, nor do they represent a stage of floodplain development following an episode of valley trenching. compare - pediment, ledge; see scarp. hp
            structural body
              structural bond
                The union of two or more masonry units so that the combination acts as a single unit and provides the same structural strength as a single unit of the same material.
              structural bottoming
                structural bulkhead
                  A transverse interior wall or divider that contributes to hull strength and forms a watertight boundary between compartments.
                structural cable system
                  structural changes
                    Конструктивные изменения
                  structural clay facing tile
                    Ceramic tile designed for use in interior and exterior unplastered walls, partitions, or columns.
                  structural clay tile
                    A hollow masonry building unit composed of burnt clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof, having parallel cells or cores (or both) within a single tile.
                  structural clay tile.
                    structural clay tile. hollow-tile floor slab a reinforced concrete floor slab, cast over rows of structural clay tile. hollow-unit masonry masonry constructed of hollow masonry units laid in mortar. hollow wall, hollow masonry wall
                      structural color
                        structural component
                          Элемент конструкции; конструктивный элемент
                        structural components
                          structural composite lumber (scl)
                            (wood elements glued together to form products that are similar in size to solid-‑sawn lumber)
                          structural concrete
                            structural connection
                              A device for uniting individual members of a structural assembly. levi-strauss in his search for primordial societal constructs or patterns which serve as the basis for all later cultural developments, structuralism in architecture connotes the referral to basic structural forms, archeforms, from which architectural design and construction can derive. the dutch architect, aldo van eyck, is often cited as a main representative, although structural ideas have
                            structural connections
                              structural consequence assessment
                                Оценка влияния на конструкцию
                              structural constraints
                                structural control
                                  structural correlation range
                                    structural cracking
                                      In sleeper tests, cracking that originates at the tension face of the concrete sleeper, which extends to the nearest outside edge of the tendon, and which can be visually detected using an illuminated 5x magnifying glass.
                                    structural damage
                                      The loosening, twisting, warping, cracking, distortion, or breaking of any piece, or of any fastening or joint, in a structural assembly, with a resulting loss of sustaining capacity of the assembly.
                                    structural damping
                                      Конструктивное демпфирование
                                    structural design
                                      Инженер-проектировщик строительных конструкций
                                    structural design documents
                                      The plans, design details, and job specifications prepared by the structural designer.
                                    structural detail
                                      Конструктивная деталь
                                    structural dome
                                      structural drawings
                                        Drawings, usually prepared by a structural engineers, of the design and working drawings of a building’s structure.
                                      structural drill
                                        A highly mobile diamond- or rotary-drill rig complete with hydraulically controlled derrick mounted on a truck, designed primarily for rapidly drilling holes to determine structure in subsurface strata or for use as a shallow, slim-hole producer or seismograph drill. capacity is generally about 1,500 feet of 3%-inch-diameter or nx-size borehole. see seismograph drill, structural drilling.
                                      structural drilling
                                        Drilling done specifically to obtain detailed information delineating the location of folds, domes, faults, and other subsurface structural features undiscernible by studying strata exposed at the surface. compare structure drilling.
                                      structural editing
                                        Editing that occurs within a structured document such as a wellformed xml document.
                                      structural element
                                        One of the supporting components of which a building is composed; for example, a beam, column, floor, or wall.
                                      structural elements
                                        structural elements of bent glue - laminated timber
                                          structural elements:
                                            Structural elements comprise the primary structural frame and supporting structures. for bridges, structural elements comprise girders, structural slabs and elements providing support such as cable stays
                                          structural end stop
                                            Component intended to stop a crane or hoist reaching the end of a runway
                                          structural engineering
                                            That branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of structures to withstand physical forces or displacements without danger of collapse or without loss of serviceability or function.
                                          structural equation model
                                            A structural equation model is a modeling technique, commonly used in social and behavioral sciences to represent relationships among sets of latent variables. the models suppose the existence of underlying variables, called either latent variables or factors, that influence the observable variables; these variables are classified as being either "exogenous" (independent) or "endogenous" (dependent.) these models predate more modern methods such as independence models and fuzzy cognitive maps. structure, data a composite data type composed of other data types, which may be either simple or composite. see also: data type.