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Глоссарий авиационных терминов

absolute ceiling
  1. The maximum altitude above sea level at which an aircraft can maintain level flight under standard air conditions.

  2. Теоретический потолок (л а)
ceiling; abs clg;
accelerated stall
    Any stall made to occur at other than 1g.
accessory group
    Mechanical and electrical units mounted on an engine necessary for its operation, such as starter, magnetos, fuel pumps, etc.
adcock range
    National low-frequency radio navigation system (c.1930-c.1950) replaced by an omnirange (vor) system. it consisted of four segmented quadrants broadcasting morse code "a" (dot-dash) and "n" (dash-...
Automatic Direction Finding
    Автоматическая радиопеленгация
adiabatic lapse rate
    The rate at which ascending air cools and descending air warms, given that no heat is added or taken away. the rate for dry air (dalr) is based on 5.4° f per 1000' altitude (1° per 100 meters). mo...
adverse yaw
    Yaw generated when the ailerons are used. the lifting wing generates more drag, causing an airplane to yaw (turn) toward it.
  1. Above ground level, as a measurement of altitude above a specific land mass, and differentiated from msl.

  2. Above ground level

  3. Airborne gun laying

  4. Airborne gun l... Above Ground Level; airborne gun laying; airborne gun laying (radar); arrester-gear landing;
Above Ground Level
    Над землей, над уровнем земли; высота над местностью, геометрическая [истинная] высота
air defense identification zone
  1. The area of airspace over land or water, extending upward from the surface, within which the ready identification, the location, and the control of aircraft are required in the interest of nat... adiz;
domestic air defense identification zone
    An adiz within the united states along an international boundary of the united states.
coastal air defense identification zone
    An adiz over the coastal waters of the united states.
distant early warning identification zone
  1. An adiz over the coastal waters of the state of alaska. adiz locations and operating and flight plan requirements for civil aircraft operations are specified in far part 99.

  2. Зона оп... dewiz;
    The shape of any flying surface, but principally a wing, as seen in side-view ("cross-section"). its characteristics are center of pressure (cp), drag (cd), lift (cl), lift-drag ratio (l/d), and m... поперечное;
air route traffic control center or "center"
    A facility established to provide air traffic control service to aircraft operating on ifr flight plans within controlled airspace and principally during the en route phase of flight. when equipme... artcc;
air speed indicator
    An instrument or device that measures the air speed of an aircraft through an air mass, but not its ground speed.
air taxi
    An aircraft operator who conducts operations for hire or compensation in accordance with far part 135 in an aircraft with 30 or fewer passenger seats and a payload capacity of 7,500# or less. an a...
airport traffic control tower
    A terminal facility that uses air/ground communications, visual signaling, and other devices to provide atc services to aircraft operating in the vicinity of an airport or on the movement area. au... ATCT;
  1. Trademark name of alcoa for high-strength sheet aluminum clad with a layer (approximately 5.5% thickness per side) of high-purity aluminum, popularly used in airplane manufacture.

  2. A... биметалл;
  1. Devised for reasons of clarity in aviation voice radio, this is the current nato version in global use: alfa bravo charley delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india juliet kilo lima mike november os... phonetics; алфавит;
  1. A seaplane or floatplane with retractable wheels for use on land, as well. the latter spelling was used in the '20s and '30s but has since fallen out of favor.

  2. Самолет-амфибия; амфи... a; amph; амфибия;
angle of attack
    The acute angle at which a moving airfoil meets the airstream.
angle of incidence
  1. The angle at which an airfoil is normally fixed in relation to the longitudinal axis of an aircraft.

  2. Same as "approach angle"

  3. The angle between an incident ray and the no... угол падения;
    The downward angle of a wing in relation to a horizontal cross-section line
cathedral; cathedral.; безгранный;
approach control
  1. Radio navigation

  2. Управление заходом на посадку [при заходе на посадку]

  3. Управление заходом на посадку
apcon; appconj;
    In aircraft weight and balance, as well as load distribution, it is the distance from the center of gravity (c/g) to some point. for computations, arms measured forward from the c/g are positive (...
    class c; airport service radar area;
    artificial horizon
    1. A vacuum-powered panel instrument that displays pitch and roll movements about the lateral and longitudinal axes; aka attitude indicator.

    2. A device for indicating the horizon, as a b...
    aspect ratio
      The ratio of the span to the chord of an airfoil—a high-aspect ratio wing has wide span and narrow chord, and vice-versa for a low-aspect ratio wing.
    1. Air technical intelligence service

    2. Air traffic integration system

    3. Automatic terminal information service

    4. Arizona transportation information system (adot)
      AUTOMATIC TERMINAL INFORMATION SERVICE; automated terminal information service; air technical intelligence service; air traffic integration system; arizona transportation information system (adot); automated tool identification system;
    1. Continuous broadcast of recorded non-control information in selected terminal areas, to improve controller effectiveness and to relieve frequency congestion by automating repetitive transmissi... atis;
      Automatic rotation of rotary blades from a helicopter in an unpowered glide or the forward movement of an autogyro.
    balanced control surface
      A movable control surface, as an aileron or rudder, having an added physical extension or weights forward of the hinge-point to reduce forces on a joystick or yoke.
    elephant ears;
    bernoulli effect
      Since the pressure of a fluid is proportional to its velocity, airflow over the upper surface of an airfoil causes suction [lift] because the airstream has been speeded up in relation to positive ...
    bleed air
      Hot air at high pressure, usually from the bypass section of a gas turbine engine, for de-icing, heating, and other uses.
    boundary-layer control
    1. The design or control of slotted or perforated wings with suction methods to reduce undesirable aerodynamic effects caused by the boundary layer—that region adjacent to the boundary where shea... blc;
    bumped cowling
      An engine fairing, generally circular, with welts or compound shapes in its surface to accommodate cylinder heads.
    cabane strut
      Wing strut attached to the fuselage.
    calibrated airspeed
      The indicated airspeed of an aircraft, corrected for position and instrument error. cas is equal to true airspeed in standard atmosphere at sea level. compare indicated airspeed and true airspeed.... true airspeed; cas;
      The convex or concave curvature of an airfoil.
      An arrangement in which the horizontal stabilizer and elevators of an aircraft are mounted in front of the main wing(s).
      Clear-Air Turbulence;
      Clear-Air Turbulence
          1. Ceiling and visibility unlimited; ideal flying weather.

          2. Ceiling and visibility unlimited
          ceiling and visibility unlimited;
            An air route traffic control center.
          center of gravity (c/g)
            The longitudinal and lateral point in an aircraft where it is stable; the static balance point.
          certificated airport
            An airport operating under far part 139. the faa issues airport operating certificates to all airports serving scheduled or unscheduled air carrier aircraft designed for more than 30 passenger sea...
            The measurable distance between the leading and trailing edges of a wingform.