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Глоссарий по теории волн

  1. With respect to radiation, the characteristic that indicates capability to produce chemical change, as in the photographic activity of light. electromagnetic energy that is capable of producin...
  1. Spontaneous change in the physical properties of some metals, which occurs on standing, at atmospheric temperatures after final cold working or after a final heat treatment. frequently synonym... n. senescencia, adj. senescente; старение; вызревание; созревание; выдержка;
  1. A heating and cooling operation implying usually a relatively slow cooling. annealing is a comprehensive term. the process of such a heat treatment may be

  2. A process of holding a mat... отжиг; прокаливание;
area coverage rate
    Amount of image area per unit time collected by the system at the given resolution
atmospheric temperature
    Is the temperature of the atmosphere between the object and the scanner. some of the radiation that reaches the scanner emanates from the object and some from atmosphere that it is not perfectly t... температура окружающей среды;
atmospheric turbulence
    Refers to the density fluctuations arising from atmospheric temperature fluctuations. (not fluid dynamics turbulence)
atmospheric windows
    Spectral radiation regions not absorbed by atmospheric gasses. these windows are transparent to radiation at those wavelengths. the most obvious window is the visible light window - if the smog is...
  1. Designating any instrument in which both eyes can be used to view the image to achieve a stereoscopic effect, or merely to facilitate observation. a pair of telescopes with prismatically erect... бинокль; бинокулярный;
  1. Is defined as an object that absorbs all radiation that impinges on it at any wavelength.

  2. Абсолютно черное тело
абсолютно ч;
    The coating of steel with a film composed largely of zinc phosphate in order to develop better bonding surface for paint or lacquer.
brittel materials
    Materials that experience little, if any, plastic deformation before the onset of fracture
carbon range
    In steel specifications, the carbon range is the difference between the minimum and maximum amount of carbon acceptable.
cell fill factor
    Is the fraction of detector cell area occupied by the zone actively involved in the generation of signal radiance.
    Comisión panamericana de normas. pan-american commission of technical standards. regional organization integrated by the organisms of normalization of 18 countries of the american continent a...
  1. Related with vision that are color- blindness

  2. The commonest form of colour blindness, in which someone cannot see the difference between red and green. also called protanopia [descr... дальтонизм;
diffuse reflection (surface scatter)
    The reflection from a rough surface that emerges at almost any angle
    Linear defects in a crystal.
    The property of metals that enables them to be mechanically deformed when cold, without fracture. in steel, ductility is usually measured by elongation and reduction of area as determined in a ten... вязкость; пластичность;
elastic limit
  1. Maximum stress that a material will stand before permanent deformation occurs.

  2. Предел упругости

  3. The greatest stress which a material is capable of sustaining without perm... el; предел упругости;
electromagnetic radiation
  1. The field effects given off by accelerating a charged particle in a magnetic field. depending on field strength and speed of acceleration, many types of electromagnetic radiation are created.<... emr;
  1. The ability of an object to radiate and absorb energy from its surroundings measured as a ratio of the actual object emission to the blackbody equivalent emission

  2. The ratio of the r... thermal .; излучательная способность;
face centered
    (concerning cubic space lattices) - having equivalent points at the corners of the unit cell and at the centers of its six faces. a face-centered cubic space lattice is characteristic of one of th...
field of view (fov)
    The total field measured in angle within which objects can be imaged or measured and displayed by an infrared system.
filter (optical)
    An optical device, which modifies the characteristics of radiation, which is passed through it. usually filters either attenuate all wavelengths of radiation a certain controlled amount or modify ...
frame rate
  1. Is the rate at which an entire scene is change when every pixel is commanded to project a new value of signal radiance.

  2. The number of frames per second that the camera produces.
    ... частота кадров;; скорость передачи кадра;
hard drawing
    Drawing metal wire through a die to reduce cross section and increase tensile strength.
hard drawn
    Wire or tubing drawn to high tensile strength by a high degree of cold work.
infrared (ir)
  1. Electromagnetic radiation which occupies the band from 0.7 microns to 100 microns. infrared radiation is between the visible spectrum and microwave radiation. emission of energy as electromagn...
ionizing radiation
  1. Generally, any radiation that can form ions, either directly or indirectly, while traveling through a substance. above visible light and starting in the ultra-violet frequencies, ionizing radi...
    Instituto argentino de nomalizacion--argentina (buenos aires) / argentinean normalization standards institute (standards)
  1. (lord kelvin---1824 - 1907) thermodynamic temperature scale. the zero kelvin is - 273,16 ºc (celsius or centigrade) or - 459,7 ºf (fahrenheit). a temperature scale often used in scie... kelvin (grados);
low carbon steels
    Contain from 0.10 to 0.30% carbon and less than 0.60% manganese. (the product of basic oxygen, bessemer, open hearth or electric processes.)
mechanical properties
    Those properties of a material that reveal the elastic and inelastic reaction when force is applied, or that involve the relationship between stress and strain; for example, the modulus of elastic...
medium-carbon steel
    Contains from 0.30% to 0.60% carbon and less than 1.00% manganese. may be made by any of the standard processes.
    Standard for the common market of the south --cmn (mercosur committee of normalization), regional organization of normalization of the mercosur, integrated by the national organisms of normalizati...
    Intensities of light under which both rods and cones operate
micron (m)
    A measurement of length in the metric system appropriate for measuring infrared radiation wavelengths. 1,000,000 microns equals one meter
mid infrared (mwir)
    The middle infrared spectrum, (window) usually from 2.4 to 7.0 microns.
  1. A measure of small angles. two thousand-pi milliradians can be measured in a complete circle. there are 17.4 mrads per degree of angle.

  2. Миллирадианы
    Transmission model. it is most widely used atmospheric absorption.
    Minimum resolvable temperature difference
    Noise equivalent temperature difference
noise equivalent temperature difference (nedt)
    Is the temperature difference at which the signal amplitude equals the total noise. that it is when snr = 1.
  1. Transmittance (t) equals zero

  2. Optical atmospheric qualities in europe

  3. Non-transparent; incapable of transmitting light.

  4. A material for retouching photographic ... optical atmospheric qualities in europe; непрозрачный;
passive infrared
    The normal form of infrared system in use commercially. a passive system does not generate a thermal source to illuminate the scene, it is only acted upon. a passive system monitors the flux of ph...
  1. Treatment of steel, usually in wire form, in which the metal is gradually heated to about 1830°f, with subsequent cooling, usually in air, in a bath of molten lead, or in a fused salt mixture ...
peltier effect
    The ability for two dissimilar metals and metal/semiconductors to create a thermal difference when current flows across the dissimilar junction
  1. Technique of producing permanent images on sensitized surfaces by means of the photochemical action of light or other forms of radiant energy.

  2. Writing with light.

  3. The wor... фотографирование;
    Bright light conditions where only the cones are functional