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Bicycling glossary

    Alternate to chain-drive
cartridge bearing
    A type of bearing that is not user-serviceable, but must be replaced as a unit.
    (one of the) front gear(s), attached to a crank.
    Pair of tubes on a bicycle frame that runs from the bottom bracket to the rear forkends
    An electronic accessory that measures and displays instantaneous and cumulative speed and distance. often provides other measurements such as heart rate.
derailleur hanger
    A piece on the rear dropout that the derailleur attaches to.
dropout (bicycle part)
    A bicycle rear fork end that allows the rear wheel to be removed without first derailing the chain. the term dropout is often incorrectly used to refer to any fork end, but not all fork ends are d...
    Any cap serving to keep dirt and contamination out of an assembly. common over crank bolts, often plastic.
  1. Bicycle lighting component, aka generator.

  2. [1] a machine or device that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy, generally using electromagnetic induction. the term is usually ...
fork end
    Paired slots on a fork or frame at which the axle of the wheel is attached. see also: dropout.
handlebar tape
    A tape wound around dropped handlebars so as to provide padding and grip, usually cork or cloth, sometimes foam rubber.
  1. Part of frame or an attachment to the frame to which the derailleur is attached (see derailleur hanger)

  2. An object ball sitting in the jaws of a pocket

  3. A device used to su... прицельный шар, висящий на краю лузы (дословно "подвеска"); colgadero; висячий бок;
headset or head set
    The bearings that form the interface between the frame and fork steerer tube
hub dynamo
    A generator inside one of the hubs for powering lights or other accessories
inner tube
  1. A bladder that contains air to inflate a tire. has a schrader or presta valve for inflation and deflation.

  2. The inside tube, which acts as the core container of a double-tube core ba... core tube; inner barrel;
jockey wheel
    One of two small sprockets of the rear derailleur that guide the chain
    A folding attachment used to park a bicycle upright. usually mounts to frame near bottom bracket, sometimes near rear dropouts.
lawyer lips
    Also called a "lawyer tab", a retention device on the dropouts of the front fork to prevent inadvertent loss of the front wheel in the case it is not properly secured.
  1. A nut designed not to loosen due to vibration.

  2. The nut securing the feed gears in the feed¬ing mechanism in a gear-feed swivel head on a dia¬mond drill; also, any extra nut used to ...
luggage carrier
    Any accessory equipment designed to carry tools, gear or cargo.
  1. Cloth zippered storage bags that mount to sides of luggage racks. pronounced pan-ear, or pan-yer (an old english word, not french).

  2. Any basketlike architectural member, once especia...
  1. A device that allows the handlebars and fork to revolve indefinitely without tangling the rear brake cable

  2. Погрешность от составляющая погрешности гирос- несферичности ро- копа с не... ротора;
seat bag
    A small storage accessory hung from the back of a seat.
seat lug
    A frame lug on the top of the seat tube serving as a point of attachment for a clamp to secure the seat post.
seat rails
    A metal framework over which saddle covering is stretched. the seat post attaches to the seat rails by means of a clamp.
    Frame components, small diameter tubes running from top of seat tube to rear dropouts.
    Alternate to chain-drive
shock absorber
  1. For bicycles with suspensions, a device that limits the rate at which suspension rebounds after absorbing an impact.

  2. Амортизатор
амортизатор; shabs;
skirt guard or coatguard
    A device fitted over the rear wheel of a bicycle to prevent a long skirt, coat or other trailing clothes or luggage from catching in the wheel, or in the gap between the rim and the brakes.
steering tube
    A tube on top of a fork that is inserted through frame and serves as an axle by means of which bicycle can be steered.
toe clips
    A metal or plastic cage attached to a pedal. usually has an adjustment strap. secures foot to pedal for increased control and more effective transfer of power from foot to drive chain.
valve stem or simply valve
    Port for adding or releasing air from the inner tube. two types are commonly used: presta and schrader. a third type, the woods or dunlop valve, can still be found in europe and asia.