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Saw blades glossary

carbide tooth saw blades
    Carbide tipped saw blades
chop saw blades
    Miter saw blades
circular saw blades
    A circular saw blade is a metal disc with jagged teeth on the edge. the disk fits into a machine which causes it to spin. used to cut wood and other materials.
continuous rim diamond saw blades
    These saw blades are circular steel blades with diamond impregnated grit on the rim. the rims contain a mixture of metal powder, diamond powders and industrial diamonds of different sizes and qual...
  1. A cut made at a right angle to the direction of the wood grain.

  2. Cut at right angles to the grain.

  3. A borehole directed so as to cut through a rock strata or ore vein essen... квершлаг;
crosscut saw blades
    A crosscut or cut-off saw blade is designed to cut wood at a right angle. the cutting edge of each tooth is angled back with a slanted edge, allowing each tooth to cut through the wood like a knif...
dado saw blades
    A dado saw blade is a circular blade used to making groove cuts of different widths in wood fitting into the groove the edge of another piece of wood to make a joint.
demolition saw blades
    The demolition saw blade can cut through most building materials (roofing, shingles, wood, nails, sand and other non-ferrous materials).
dry cut metal saw blade
    A saw blade designed to dry-cut steel and other some other metals.
edgebander saw blade
    An edgebander saw blade is a replacement trim saw blade for edgebanding machines. most machines require two blades.
fine tooth saw blade
    The number of teeth a blade has will affect both how neat a finishing cut it can make, and its slowness.
hollow ground saw blade
    A hollow ground saw blade is specially designed to make smooth cuts in melamine and other coated boards without the need for scoring. (a negative hook angle is particularly suitable for vertical p...
  1. Arbor

  2. A tool used by jewelers to determine the size of an existing ring. most jewelers use the bottom or leading edge of the ring to determine the size, others use the middle of the... дорн; игла (трубного пресса); оправка; mandríl .; soporte de arrollamiento .; дорнодержатель;
melamine saw blade
    Saw blades used to cut through low pressure laminate (lpl) also known as melamine.
metal chop saw blade
    A miter saw blade that can cut metal.
panel saw blades
    A panel saw blade cuts melamine, plywood, aluminum, plastic and wood sheets into sized parts. often used for cabinets & signs.
plate jointer blade
    A plate jointer blade is a small tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blade. it is used to cut a crescent shaped hole (a.k.a. mouth) in the opposite edges of two pieces of wood to create a biscuit...
radial arm saw blades
    An overhead machine generally used for crosscutting. a radial arm saw is often used to cut a 90º angle, but it can swing to any position.
rip cut
    A cut made parallel to the direction of the wood grain.
rip saw blades
    A rip or ripping saw blade is designed to cut into wood like a chisel. the front edges of the teeth are flat without any angle. this allows for a straight cut to be made along grain lines.
saw blade bushings
    Metal disc inserted into bore of saw blade to reduce bore size.
saw blades
    There are generally two types of saw blade teeth: steel or carbide. saws may be manual, electrical or battery powered.
table saw blades
    A table saw blade is a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor. the blade sticks out through the surface of a table, providing support for the material being cut.
thin kerf saw blades
    A thin kerf blade creates a narrow cut in the material requiring less power from the machine and creating less wasted material.
trim saw blades
    A trim saw blade is used in a trim saw which is a small circular saw that is easier to move around while working. can also refer to larger saw blades with a high tooth count, which trims and sizes...

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