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Англо-итальянский финансовый глоссарий

  1. Agricultural adjustment administration; american automobile assn.

  2. Anti-aircraft artillery.
aaa; agricultural adjustment administration; american automobile assn.;
earnings momentum
    An increase in the earnings per share growth rate from one reporting period to the next.
accelerazione degli utili;
general agreement to borrow
    accordo generale di finanziamento;
    dividend paying agent
      agente per il pagamento dei dividendi;
      easy money
        See: tight money
      allentamento monetario;
      fixed annuity
        annualita fissa;
        extended credit
          anticipazione straordinaria;
          distribution area
            area di distribuzione;
            dutch auction
            1. Auction in which the lowest price necessary to sell the entire offering becomes the price at which all securities offered are sold. this technique has been used in treasury auctions. often use... asta olandese;
            liquid asset
              An asset that is cash or easily converted into cash.
            attivita liquida;
            deal stock
              Stock subject to merger or acquisition, either publicly announced or rumored.
            azione calda;
            ex dividends
              azione ex dividendi;
              dutch auction preferred stock
                azione privilegiata ad asta olandese;
                dealer bank
                  banca dealer;
                  federal reserve bank
                  1. Федеральный резервный банк, один из 12 ре¬гиональных банков, уполномоченный поддержать резервы, счета эмис¬сионного банка и предоставлять деньги банкам штатов.

                  2. One of the 12 member ... banca della federal reserve;
                  electronic banking
                  1. The use of electronic technologies, such as automated teller machines (atms), direct payroll deposits, automatic bill payments, and debit cards, to perform financial transactions. electronic b... banca elettronica;
                  legal asset
                    bene in pagamento;
                    labor intensive
                      a intensita di lavoro;
                      american depositary receipts
                        take delivery
                          accettazione di consegna;
                          international banking facilities
                            accordi bancari internazionali;
                            buy sell agreement
                              accordo acquisto-vendita;
                              clearing agreement
                                Соглашение о клиринговых расчетах
                              accordo di compensazione;
                              corporate indenture
                                accordo di emissione;
                                restructuring agreement
                                  accordo di ristrutturazione del debito;
                                  underwriting agreement
                                  1. The contract between a corporation issuing new publicly offered securities and the managing underwriter as agent for the underwriting group. compare to agreement among underwriters.

                                    accordo di sottoscrizione;
                                  monetary accord
                                    accordo monetario;
                                    option agreement
                                      A form that an options investor opening an option account fills out guarantees the investor will follow trading regulations and has the financial resources to settle possible losses.
                                    accordo per opzioni;
                                    acid test
                                    1. Acid dip survey,

                                    2. A severe or decisive trial, as of usability or authenticity.

                                    3. Коэффициент строгой ликвидности
                                    acid test;
                                    purchase agent
                                      buying on margin
                                        acquisti con margine;
                                        buying forward
                                          Форвардная (срочная) покупка - обязательство купить валюту, ценные бумаги или товары в будущем по фиксированной цене;
                                        acquisto a termine;
                                        closing purchase
                                          A transaction in which the purchaser`s intention is to reduce or eliminate a short position in a stock, or in a given series of options.
                                        acquisto di chiusura;
                                        capital intensive
                                          ad intensita di capitale;
                                          structural adjustment
                                            Структурное преобразование непрерывная потребность, испытываемая всеми производствами, в приспособлении к новым экономическим и коммерческим условиям, возникающим по причине смены, потребительских... aggiustamento strutturale;
                                            level payment amortization
                                              ammortamento a rate costanti;
                                              market analysis
                                              1. Анализ состояния рынка; анализ рынка

                                              2. An analysis of technical corporate and market data used to predict movements in the market.

                                              3. Анализ спроса и предложения
                                              analisi del mercato;
                                              judgmental credit analysis
                                                analisi di fido soggettiva;
                                                qualitative analysis
                                                1. Качественный анализ

                                                2. An analysis of the qualities of a company that cannot be measured concretely, such as management quality or employee morale.
                                                analisi qualitativa;
                                                chartered financial analyst
                                                  analista finanziario;
                                                  going short
                                                    Продажа ценной бумаги, фактически не имеющейся у
                                                  andare corto;
                                                  going long
                                                    andare lungo;
                                                    commercial year
                                                      anno commerciale;
                                                      1. When an app on windows phone is deactivated, a record that is kept by the operating system about which screen the user was on.

                                                      2. Advertisement listing the underwriters of a security i... annuncio su emissione di prestiti;
                                                      leads and legs
                                                        anticipi e ritardi;
                                                        top down approach
                                                          approccio dall`alto in basso;
                                                          1. Финансирование g

                                                          2. Финансирование
                                                          approvvigionamento di fondi; фондирование; финансирование;
                                                          certified check
                                                          1. Сертифицированный чек

                                                          2. A bank guaranteed check for which funds are immediately withdrawn, and for which the bank is legally liable.
                                                          assegno coperto; сертифицированный чек;
                                                          federal savings and loan association
                                                            associazione federale delle casse di risparmio;
                                                            national association of securities dealers
                                                              associazione nazionale dei dealer di titoli; nasd;
                                                              marginal and competitive bidding
                                                                asta marginale e competitiva;
                                                                at the money
                                                                  Совпадение рыночной цены опциона с ценой его реализации
                                                                at the money;
                                                                quick assets
                                                                1. Current assets minus inventories.

                                                                2. Ликвидные активы
                                                                attivita correnti;
                                                                fixed asset
                                                                  An accounting classifier used to classify any long-term asset whose cost expiration is recognized over more than one year.
                                                                attivita fisse; основное средство;
                                                                tangible asset
                                                                1. Материальный актив

                                                                2. An asset whose value depends on particular physical properties. these include reproducible assets such as buildings or machinery and non-reproducible assets such ... attivita materiale;
                                                                risk assets
                                                                  Неликвидные активы
                                                                attivita rischiose;
                                                                several but not jointly
                                                                  attribuzione pro quota;
                                                                  rights offering
                                                                  1. Issuance to shareholders that allows them to purchase additional shares, usually at a discount to market price. holdings of shareholders who do not exercise rights are usually diluted by the o... aumento di capitale;
                                                                  trading authorization
                                                                    A document (power of attorney) a customer gives to a broker in order that the broker may buy and sell securities on behalf of the customer.
                                                                  autorizzazione a operare;
                                                                  license to operate
                                                                    autorizzazione all`esercizio;
                                                                    exercise notice
                                                                      A broker`s notification from a client who wants to exercise a right to buy or sell (depending on the type of contract) the underlying security of the option contract.
                                                                    avviso di esercizio;
                                                                    notice of drawing
                                                                      avviso di prelievo;
                                                                      leveraged stock
                                                                        azione ad alto leveraggio;
                                                                        fractional share
                                                                          Дробная акция
                                                                        azione frazionata;
                                                                        common stock
                                                                        1. Securities that represent equity ownership in a company. common shares let an investor vote on such matters as the election of directors. they also give the holder a share in a company`s profi... azione ordinaria; обыкновенные акции;
                                                                        preferred stock
                                                                        1. A security that shows ownership in a corporation and gives the holder a claim, prior to the claim of common stockholders, on earnings and also generally on assets in the event of liquidation. ... azione privilegiata; preference shares;
                                                                        adjustable rate preferred stock
                                                                          azione privilegiata a rendimento variabile;
                                                                          money market preferred stock
                                                                            azione privilegiata di mercato monetario;
                                                                            first preferred stock
                                                                              azione privilegiata di prima categoria;
                                                                              cyclical stocks
                                                                                azioni cicliche;
                                                                                majority shareholder
                                                                                1. A shareholder who is part of a group that controls more than half the outstanding shares of a corporation.

                                                                                2. Держатель контрольного пакета акций
                                                                                azionista di maggioranza; мажоритарный акционер;
                                                                                principal stockholder
                                                                                  A stockholder who owns 10% or more of the voting stock of a company. such stockholders must report all trading in the stock to the sec pursuant insider trading rules.
                                                                                azionista di riferimento;
                                                                                stockholder of record
                                                                                1. Stockholder whose name is registered on the books of a corporation and thus will receive dividends from the corporation.

                                                                                2. Зарегистрированный акционер
                                                                                azionista registrato;
                                                                                back office
                                                                                1. Brokerage house clerical operations that support, but do not include, the trading of stocks and other securities. all written confirmation and settlement of trades, record keeping, and regulat... back office;
                                                                                agent bank
                                                                                banca agente;
                                                                                transfer agent
                                                                                  Individual or institution a company appoints to look after the transfer of securities.
                                                                                banca agente depositaria;