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Глоссарий цирковых терминов (английский)

    Or antipodist it means circus acrobats who do acrobatic feats when lying on a special bed, trink. antipode`s job is often a job of juggler or reverse equilibrist, where legs, that are stronger tha... антипод;
    (broken german word `trinkgeld` meaning `fees`). this is a professional term of street performers to designate the collecting of money by performers with a plate or hat in their hands from spectat...
    A balancing act, widely abundant circus genre, it is included in all the branches of acrobatics; balanced stand on hands or feet on still or moving support is the simplest form of it.
    A board, usually about two metres long, centrally fastened on low-iron trestle and used as a jumping board in high jumping. the performer stands on the lowered end of the board and his partners ju...
aerial flight
    A circus act performed at a height under the circus cupola. it is performed above safety net and consists of numerous flights of gymnast from one trapeze to another or to the hands of catcher who ...
    A circus actor, a performer of comic tricks (acts). there are a great number of various clown lines carpet clown, buff-clown, auguste, eccentric clown, music clown, etc.
    A circus apparatus, a one-wheel bicycle with a small seat or without seat.
  1. A circus apparatus, which is used frequently in aerial acts; the name of relevant circus genre. immobile trapeze is a small round cross-beam with iron rods secured in its both sides and suspen... трапеция;
russian bar
    A circus genre and specific apparatus, usually made of fastened poles arranged to each other for high jumps or tricks; it is held by the lower ones in hands or on shoulders while the upper one is ...
    A circus genre in which a performer displays how his (her) muscle are flexible and joints mobile. one of old poster name of this genre is "the snake woman". as these acts are performed by women in...
    A circus genre where a performer displays odd dislocations of joints and unusual position of his (her) arms and legs.
    A circus safety belt, a special belt worn by a performer during acts and rehearsals; one or two safety ropes are fastened to this belt by means of special lock.
    A circus specific genre; it is used in various circuses in different times; there were a great number of pantomime ranging from heroic-battle ones and performances involving huge stage set to anim...
  1. A clown`s short interlude played during breaks between acts.

  2. Реприза фигура речи, которая состоит в повторении звуков, слов, морфем, синонимов или синтаксических конструкций в услов...
    A collapsible mobile circus; in the simplest case it is a fire-proof rubber-impregnated tarpaulin tent. it is stretched on two ship-like masts to form a marquee inside which ring-shaped rows for s...
    A conjurer working with sophisticated apparatuses together with a team of assistants.
  1. A gymnast performing in an aerial act (mainly in flight act) who, having arranged himself on apparatus (eg. trapeze), grasps it with his legs (by its side ropes) or hangs on elbow support (in ... ограничитель хода; уловитель;
carpet clown
    A line of clown, of whom prototype was the line of auguste. this name is connected with specific performance of these acts they took place in breaks between the acts while the ring cover was being...
corde pareille
    A magnificent cord (as translated from french). an aerial act performed on rope fastened one end to the circus cupola, and the other end of it is hung unfastened. in other word, this is a vertical...
    A persch from 3 to 5.5 m in length; it is held by the lower one on his forehead, shoulders or in special socket of waist-belt, while balancing and holding the upper one who is, in his turn, perfor...
    A ring to be built on a stage.
    A ring whip for horses. its pole is up to 5.5 m in length.
circus ring - "manege"
    A round area inside a circus where circus acts are displayed. diameter of ring is the same in all countries, it is around 13 m. ring is always fenced; its ground and cover were originally fit to h...
circus trick
    A separate completed part of any circus act, which has independent meaning. it has effect on the audiences with such actually fulfilled solution that is beyond the scope of common notion and seems...
circus act
    A set of similar tricks that are carried out by one performer or a group of human or animal performers in certain sequence within a given period; the said tricks are designed to implement any idea...
    A short bed, steeply ascending up in its one side and placed onto the ring surface with its other side. an antipodist, lying there on his back and shoulders and leaning against its lifted side wit...
    A sole and independent entrance of clown characters; it often includes a short scene or pantomime. in the early time of modern circus entree was important for clown genres to be as independent and...
    A stallmeister who talked to the clown.
    A term commonly used in clown acts; it is a final, striking point, bright finale.
strength-applying acrobat
    An acrobat of whom repertoire of acts consists of strength and acrobatic exercises involving live weight, i.e. a partner`s body.
    An acrobatic stand where a performer keeps his body vertically on head. (in 1996, this stand was performed by an acrobat swinging on free-rope at the world circus festival in moscow.)
animal training
    Animal training for the purpose to provide animal performance before the audience. although more than 120 years have passed since wilhelm hagenbeck created the animal training system, named "soft"...
    Basically the name of a genre, rather than an apparatus, performed on a mobile trapeze. the performer`s repertoire consists of various swings and pirouettes.
    Circus props, hollow metal cylinders used in various circus acts; they are installed one-over-one in several stages to complicate the tricks as balancing is to be maintained constantly in this cas...
    Curtain isolating the ring from internal engineering premises of the circus.
    Formerly named parades in street shows.
    French wrestling competitions enriched the performances in all the largest circuses of europe. french wrestling was first allowed in st.-petersburg in 1894, in the first permanent circus of russia...
floor genres
    Genres performed directly on the ring floor or on some auxiliary apparatuses installed on the ring at the height not more than 4-5 m above the floor.
    Ground or material of ring adjacent to the barrier and bent in the form of saucer. uniformists loosen pista with rake and scatter sawdust to the barrier walls before riding acts. otherwise no hors...
rope walker
    In former times high-rope walkers performed on city squares and streets; the rope stretched between houses, river banks or watch-towers. the last bright example of such performance was a famous wa...
    In professional language, coming from german word "abfall", i.e. slip-off; it is quite striking finale of a number of aerial acts. it is a slip-off trick. one of gymnasts (although this trick may ...
    In the essence this term was used to name a special line of clown who showed himself as a foolish and languid circus hand or equerry, and who filled the interval between the acts of the programme;...
tooth fixture
    In the first instance, it is an iron hook connected with a thick leather pad tightly clawed by performer`s teeth. the hook, in its turn, is fastened to the apparatus, a partner`s belt, etc. the mo...
  1. It is a word rarely used by today`s performers; it means outdoor performing, performing in the garden, in the park, etc.

  2. Gasa

  3. A thin light material used to make dressings... gasa;
    It is an act not belonging to any genre concept as it consists of a variety of elements of various genres, and hence it is an isolated genre.
corde volante
    It means a cord fastened without stretching or a flying cord (as translated from french). an aerial act on rope fastened on two ends stretch-free `to the circus cupola` to form a freely hung arc.<...
    Literally "various jokes", an act, which usually took place at the beginning of the performance. it was a fancy-dress cavalcade of performers headed by clowns, and they performed various jumps on ...
  1. Low fence running along the circus ring perimeter, with two draw entrances one opposite to the other and opposite to vorgang. the height of barrier was fixed so that a four-year horse of mediu... bar; barr; барьер; препятствий; барьер; экран; перегородка;; средство изоляции элементов; защитный материал;
    One of the most frequent tricks in circus acrobatics. it is an aerial jump with turn over without support. there are backward, forward, sideways (arabian) somersaults depending on which direction ...
icarian games
    One of varieties of antipode genre. in this instance a performer`s partner plays as antipodist`s props used for tossing and juggling.