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Глоссарий по автомобильным шинам (tires)

contact patch
camber thrust
    A cornering force generated by the tire's camber.
speed rating
    A letter designation identifying the tire's high speed durability on an indoor test wheel. refer to ece 30 european indoor wheel test standards.
    A type of tire construction utilizing plies that run diagonally from one bead to the other. one ply is set on a bias in one direction, and succeeding plies are set alternately in opposing directio...
tread void
    Areas in the tread, such as grooves and channels, that permit water to drain away from the footprint.
harmonic marking
    Markings on wheels and tires that allow match mounting to cancel tire and wheel runout, minimizing vibration.
wheel alignment
    The accumulation of water in a film under the footprint which causes a tire to lift from the road surface, losing traction. hydroplaning is affected by vehicle speed, tread pattern, and water dept...
mounting tires
    The act of fitting tires to wheel rims.
slip angle
    The angle between the direction in which a tire is aimed or steered and the actual direction of tire travel.
    The angle between the vehicle's steering axis and a vertical line, as viewed from the side.
машина разливочная;
tread pattern
    The arrangement of blocks, grooves, sipes, and channels designed into the tread to enhance its grip. also called the tread design.
  1. The combining of five basic ingredients: rubber, carbon black, plasticizers, curing materials, and ozone retardants to form the tread and other "rubber" components of a tire.

  2. The ad...
  1. The condition that exists during cornering when the front of a vehicle tends to skid before the rear.

  2. The tendency of a vessel to turn less sharply than the helmsman intended.
    The condition that exists when a tire is inflated beyond the pressure corresponding to the actual load or beyond the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation.
  1. The condition that exists when a tire's mass is not evenly distributed around the rolling axis and centerline, causing bounce (static imbalance) or shake (dynamic imbalance).

  2. A stat... squilibrio; desbalance;
    The condition that exists when there is not sufficient air pressure in a tire to support a specific load. this causes the tire to operate with excessive deflection and rollover.
overall diameter
    The diameter of an unloaded, inflated tire measured from the crown on one side to the crown on the opposite side. the free radius equals one-half the overall diameter. sometimes called the outside...
section width
    The distance between a tire's sidewalls measured at the widest part of the tire. each size of tire is measured on a specific rim width.
rim width
    The distance between rim flanges.
bead seat
    The inner ledge portion of the wheel rim where the tire bead rests adjacent to the flange.
cornering force
  1. The lateral frictional force generated by a cornering tire, acting in opposition to the centrifugal force.

  2. Краевая сила
    The measure of the life of a tire tread.
  1. The measure of the out of roundness of the tire causing a vibration which cannot be balanced.

  2. Выбег (гироскопа)

  3. The sum of cumulative-pitch error when measured across a n... ro; водоотдача;
revolutions per mile
    The measured number of revolutions made by a tire traveling one mile.
  1. The plies of tire cords beneath the tread that determines the tire's diameter and stabilizes the tread by resisting deformation from cornering, braking, and centrifugal forces.

  2. The ...
  1. The portion of the tire between the bead and the tread. it is flexible to soak up bumps yet stiff to limit tire rollover.

  2. Rock adjacent to and excavated area which forms the vertica...
inflation pressure
    The pressure of air inside a tire which applies a tensile stress to the tire cords permitting them to carry the vehicle's load.
давление в колесе.;
    The reinforcing members of a tire composed of layers of cord fabric and rubber that provide the strength to contain the air pressure needed to support a load and resist deflection.
hoop strength
    The retention strength inherent in the belt construction of a tire that resists centrifugal force and provides dimensional stability.
    The situation that occurs in cornering when the rear of a vehicle tends to skid before the front.
liner or inner-liner
    The thin layer of halobutyl rubber inside a tire that contains the inflation air, sometimes called the inner-liner. all dunlop passenger tires are manufactured with an inner-liner.
  1. The tire construction utilizing plies that run radially from bead to bead under the tread. this construction requires a belt to stabilize the tread and define the tire diameter.

  2. Coi... r; rad; radl; rf; радиальный (о покрое паруса);