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Глоссарии и словари бюро переводов Фларус

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Глоссарий терминов в торговле

direct billing
    Accounts receivable mailed to individuals or firms with established credit.
freight aisle
    Aisle to remain clear for incoming freight.
island booth
    An exhibit space with aisles on all four sides.
advanced order
    An order for show services sent
special handling
    Applies to display and/or product shipment requiring extra labor, equipment, or time in delivery to booth area.
loading dock
    Area on premises where goods are received.
loading platform, 1.;
hardwall booth
    Booth constructed with plywood or similar material as opposed to a booth formed by drapery only.
id sign
    Booth identification sign.
space assignment
    Booth space assigned to exhibiting companies.
security cages
    Cages rented by exhibitors to lock up materials.
full booth coverage
    Carpet covering entire area of booth.
service charge
  1. Charge for the services of waiters/waitresses, housemen, technicians, and other food function personnel.

  2. Плата за обслуживание

  3. A component of some finance charges, such a...
electrical contractor
    Company contracted by show management to provide electrical services to the exhibitors.
display builder
    Company, which fabricates display.
rental booth
    Complete booth package offered to exhibitors on a rental basis.
exclusive contractor
    Contractor appointed by show or building management as the sole agent to provide services. (also official)
space rate
    Cost per square foot for exhibit area.
  1. Decorative covering around tables/risers.

  2. Плинтус (у подножия стены или парапета); кромка кровли; фартук
  1. Decorative posts which hold markers or flags to define traffic areas. ropes or chains may be attached.

  2. Stainless steel or aluminum supports at the edge of the deck which hold the li...
bill of lading (b/l)
    Document of form listing goods to be shipped.
fire exit
    Door, clear of obstructions, designated by local authorities to egress.
fire escape. fire-exit bolt;
duplex outlet
    Double electrical outlet.
duplex receptacle.;
    Dressing up exhibition with carpet, draping, plants, etc.
light box
    Enclosure with lighting and translucent face of plastic or glass.
caja de luz para película;
cherry picker
  1. Equipment capable of lifting a

  2. A machine for lifting men or materials on a platform at the end of an extendable boom; usually mounted on a carrier with wheels to provide mobility.
    Equipment, materials and teaching aids used in sound and visual. (also a/v)
modular exhibit
    Exhibit constructed with interchangeable components.
perimeter booth
    Exhibit space located on an outside wall.
quad box
    Four electrical outlets in one box.
garment rack
    Frame, which holds apparel.
pegboard panel
    Framed panel of perforated hardboard.
  1. Freestanding pavilion or light structure.

  2. A pavilion on the poop of some turkish vessels.

  3. Информационный киоск; автономный центр интерактивной информации; автономная импе...
official contractor
    General contractor or decorator.
to the contractor before move
exhibit booth
    Individual display area constructed to exhibit products or convey a message.
    Install and dismantle.
cut & lay
    Installation of carpet other than normal booth or aisle size.
    Lighting available in hall, built into exhibit, or available on a rental basis.
foam core
  1. Lightweight material with a styrofoam center used for signs, decorating, and exhibit construction.

  2. The rigid foam material that is used in sandwich panel construction. fly rafter вспененный заполнитель;
side rail
  1. Low divider wall in exhibit area, usually 36” high.

  2. A rail at the side of a bed which can be lifted to prevent the person falling out
show office
    Management office at exhibition.
package plan
    Management providing furniture and/or services to exhibitors for a single fee.
inherent flameproof
    Material that is permanently flame resistant without chemical treatment.
    Material used for fastening.
    Material used for signs.
air freight
    Materials shipped via airplane.
floor marking
    Method of marking booth space.
labor call
    Method of securing union employees.
air walls
    Movable barriers that partition large areas. may be sound resistant, but not necessarily soundproof.
booth number
    Number designated to identify each exhibitor’s space.
job foreman
    One who is in charge of specific projects.
  1. Panel arrangement at rear of booth area.

  2. Шкафная стенка устоя
backwall booth
    Perimeter booth
exhibit manager
    Person in charge of individual exhibit booth.
show manager
    Person responsible for all aspects of exhibition.
floor manager
  1. Person retained by show management to supervise exhibit area and assist exhibitors.

  2. Организатор мероприятий в поддержку кандидата, выдвигаемого какой-либо группой (на съезде, утверж...
exhibit directory
    Program book for attendees listing exhibitors and exhibit booth location. (also show guide)
waste removal
    Removal of trash from the building.
empty crate
    Reusable packing container in which exhibit materials were shipped. when properly marked with “empty” sticker indicating booth number and company name, they are removed, stored and returned at no ...
cross bar
  1. Rod used in draping or as a support brace.

  2. In a grating, one of the connecting bars which extend across bearing bars, usually perpendicular to them; where they intersect the bearing...
hospitality suite
    Room or suite of rooms used to entertain guests.
private security
    Security personnel hired from a privately operated company. (also booth security)
aisle signs
    Signs, usually suspended, indicating aisle numbers or letters.
press room
    Space reserved for media representatives.
pov line
    Special loading dock reserved for pov’s where materials are unloaded at prevailing drayage rates. to get on a pov line, driver reports first to marshalling area.
  1. Take down and removal of exhibits.

  2. To remove all guns, stores, masts, spars, and rigging from a sailing warship in preparation for laying it up “in ordinary.”
net square feet
    The amount of space occupied by exhibits in a facility, not including aisles, columns, registration area, etc.
  1. The charge placed on beer, liquor, and wine brought into the facility but purchased elsewhere. the charge sometimes includes glassware, ice and mixers.

  2. Дополнительная плата за откуп...
    Truck, which loads from back opening door.
pipe and drape
    Tubing with drapes, which separate exhibit booths.
  1. Type of cloth used for backdrops.

  2. The distinguishing mark on the sleeves of sergeants` and corporals` coats, the insignia of a non-commissioned officer. also, a mark recently instit... шеврон;
    Union that handles all material in and out of the hall except machinery. exhibitors are permitted to hand carry small packages into the hall.
водитель грузовика;
  1. Union that is responsible for hanging all signs except electrical signs, drape and cloth installation, and tacked fabric panels.

  2. A type of control that is used in a style to apply e...
blister wrap
    Vacuum formed transparent plastic cover.
stop job
    When an exhibitor is doing some type of work in the booth which is claimed by a union, that union’s steward will request that you go to the service desk so that the contractor can supply the exhib...
o.t. labor
    Work performed on overtime. work performed before 8:00am and after 4:40pm monday through friday, and all hours on saturdays, sundays and holidays.
s.t. labor
    Work performed on straight time. usually work performed 8:00am to 4:30pm, monday through friday.

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