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a bedroom community built in suburban
    New york city, eventually becoming one of the most successful garden communities of its type and often replicated; characterized by winding streets and affordable houses, each on its own site and ...
a building stone in
    London. pos on drawings, abbr. for positive. posa 1. in 16th-century hispanic church architecture, a processional oratory at each corner of an atrium, 2. 2. a small chapel in the walled
a characteristic
    Mycenaean relief triangle; in the
a church but in front of the
    Lady chapel if there is one.
a golden luster from the
    Hawaiian islands; takes a fine polish, being marked with wavy lines; used for veneer, cabinets, and interior finish.
a house in
    America which had a one-room plan;
a pulpit for reading or chanting the
    Gospels or
a series of windows in the frieze of a
    Greek revival style building. 2. a window in an eyebrow. eye-catcher
a small
    Palladian window. palladian door a door topped with a rounded arch; flanked by vertical rectangular areas of fixed glass on each side that are narrower and usually not as high as the door; suggest...
a studio near
    London may be said to have revived the modern art of making stained glass. louis comfort tiffany (18481933) and john la farge (18351910), developed yet another technique for making stained glass...
a synonym for
    Virginia house. clamshell,2 clapboard
    A buttress, or a second wall added to strengthen another. abate 1. to remove material, as in stone carving. 2. in metalwork, to cut away or beat down so as to show a pattern or figure in low relie...
    Said of a surface that has been cut away or beaten down so as to show a pattern or figure in low relief; also
    A sanctuary not to be entered by the public; a holy of holies. abat-sons descriptive of a surface said to reflect sound downward. abat-vent 1. louvers that are placed in an exterior wall opening t...
    abreuvoir. abc 1. abbr. for aggregate base course. 2. abbr. for associated builders and contractors. a-block a hollow, concrete masonry unit with one end closed and the opposite end open, having;
    above the high altar in
      Spanish architecture.
      To wear away or scrape off a surface, especially by friction. abrams law a statement applying to given concrete materials and conditions of test: for a mixture of workable consistency, the streng...
    abrasion resistance
      The ability of a surface to resist being worn away or to maintain its original appearance when rubbed with another object.
    abrasion resistance index
      A measure of the abrasion resistance of a vulcanized material or synthetic rubber compound relative to that of a standard rubber compound under specified conditions.
      A red ocher used to stain mahogany.
      In masonry, a joint or interstice between stones, to be filled with mortar or cement. abs abbr. for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.
        absorbed moisture
          Moisture that has entered a solid material by absorption and has physical properties not substantially different from ordinary water at the same temperature and pressure. also
          The property of a material that measures its capacity to soak up liquids.
        absorber plate
          solar collector. absorbing well, dry well, waste well a well used for draining off surface water and conducting it underground, where it is absorbed.;
            In illumination engineering, the ratio of the absorbed flux to the incident flux. absorption 1. the process by which a liquid, or a mixture of gases and liquid, is drawn into and tends to fill per...
          absorption bed
            A pit of relatively large dimensions which is filled with coarse aggregate and contains a distribution pipe system; used to absorb the effluent of a septic tank.
          absorption trench
            A trench containing coarse aggregate and a distribution tile pipe through which septic-tank effluent may flow, covered with earth.
          abundantly used in
            Norman architecture. edge tool, edged tool any tool having a sharp cutting edge, such as a plane or chisel.
            To adjoin at an end; to be contiguous.
          abutment piece
              Those boundaries of one piece of land that abut on adjacent pieces.
            abutting joint
              A joint between two pieces of wood, in which the direction of the grain in one piece is at an angle (usually 90) to the grain in the other.