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Glossary of Anatomy (Italiano-Inglese)

abdomen /abdominal cavity
    cavita addominale;
    abdominal aorta
      The part of the aorta which lies between the diaphragm and the point where the aorta divides into the iliac arteries. see illustration at kidney in supplement
    aorta addominale;
    abdominal cavity
      The space in the body below the chest
    cavita addominale;
      nervo accessorio;
      achilles tendon
        A tendon at the back of the ankle which connects the calf muscles to the heel and which acts to pull up the heel when the calf muscle is contracted
      tendine dachille; tendón de aquiles;
      acoustic meatus
        meato acustico;
        acoustic nerve
          The eighth cranial nerve which governs hearing and balance 5 acuity
        nervo acustico;
        acqueous humor
          umore acqueo;
            The pointed top of the scapula, which forms the tip of the shoulder
          addominal rectus
            retto delladdome;
            adipose tissue
              A tissue where the cells contain fat
            tessuto adiposo; tejido adiposo, grasa subcutánea, la grasita;
            adrenal gland
              One of two endocrine glands at the top of the kidneys which secrete cortisone, adrenaline and other hormones. also called adrenal body, adrenal. see illustration at kidney in supplement
            ghiandola surrenale; glándula suprarrenal;
            1. (. , )

            2. Army launch area

            3. American library assn.
            ala; army launch area; american library assn.;
            alimentary tract
              tubo digerente;
              alveolar bone
                Part of the jawbone to which the teeth are attached
              osso alveolare;
                A small triangular muscle at the back of the elbow
              1. Tobillo

              2. ,

              3. The part of the body where the foot is connected to the leg  he twisted his ankle, he sprained his ankle he hurt it by stretching it or bendin... caviglia; , ; tobillo; ;
              anterio chamber
                camera anteriore;
                anterior chamber
                  Part of the aqueous chamber of the eye which is in front of the iris
                camera anteriore;
                anterior notch
                  incisura anteriore del padiglione;
                  anterior tibial artery
                    arteria tibiale anteriore;
                    anterior view
                      vista anteriore;
                          A small projection on the outer ear opposite the tragus
                        1. Ano

                        2. A short passage after the rectum at the end of the alimentary canal, leading outside the body between the buttocks and through which faeces are passed. see illustration at diges... ano; ano. sieso;
                        1. Aorta

                        2. The main artery in the body, which sends blood containing oxygen from the heart to other blood vessels around the body. see illustration at heart in supplement comment: the ao... aorta; aorta;
                        aorta arch
                          arco dellaorta;
                          aorta artery
                            arteria aorta;
                            aortic valve
                            1. Válvula aórtica

                            2. A valve with three flaps, situated at the opening into the aorta
                            valvola aortica; válvula aórtica;
                            1. Additive system of photographic exposure

                            2. Analysis of performances and expenditures

                            3. Ariane passengers experiments

                            4. Additive system of photogra... apice; additive system of photographic exposure; a; analysis of performances and expenditures; ariane passengers experiments; ;
                            apical foramen
                              foro apicale;
                              apocrine sweat gland
                                ghiandola sudoripara apocrina;
                                aqueus humour
                                  umor acqueo;
                                  arch of aorta
                                    arco aortico;
                                    arch of foot artery
                                      arteria arcuata;
                                        1. the coloured part round a nipple 2. in the eye, the part of the iris closest to the pupil
                                      areola; . ;
                                      arrector pili muscle
                                        muscolo erettore del pelo;
                                        ascending aorta
                                          The first section of the aorta as it leaves the heart and turns upwards. compare descending aorta
                                        aorta ascendente;
                                          1. Advanced tactical lightweight air superiority

                                          2. Antitank laser assisted system

                                          3. The top vertebra in the spine, which supports the skull and pivots on the axis or second vert... atlante; . . (, ); advanced tactical lightweight air superiority; antitank laser assisted system;
                                          auditory duct
                                            condotto uditivo;
                                            auditory ossicles
                                              The three little bones, the malleus, incus and stapes, in the middle ear auerbachs plexus auerbachs plexus /a??rb? ks pleks?s/
                                            ossicini delludito;
                                              The tip of each atrium in the heart
                                            auricle pavilion
                                              padiglione auricolare;
                                              axillary artery
                                                An artery leading from the subclavian artery in the armpit
                                              arteria ascellare;
                                              axillary nerve
                                                nervo ascellare;
                                                axillary vein
                                                  vena ascellare;
                                                  basal-cell layer
                                                    strato basale;
                                                    basilic vein
                                                      A large vein running along the inside of the arm
                                                    vena basilica;