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24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Глоссарий морской лексики и терминологии (английский язык)

    A fine vegetable fibre, with which the white manila rope, so much used on the india station, is made. this rope floats in water, and is not subject to rot, nor does it require tarring. a frigate o...
abandonment of a vessel
    Deserting and abandoning her by reason of unseaworthiness or danger of remaining in her, also when grounded and cannot be
    An obstruction used in temporary fortification, composed of felled trees deprived of their smaller branches, and secured to the ground side by side with their tops towards the enemy; applicable to...
    Cross-bow; hence,
    Cross-bow man.
    The old term for beginning or broaching a barrel, cask, or any “vesselle of drynke.”
    An ancient british word for the mouth of a river—as aber-brothick, aber-avon, aber-ystwith, and aber-conway, &c. it also means the confluence of two or more streams.
    A provincial term for mildewed.
    An anglo-saxon term, meaning across, from shore to shore, of a port or river.
  1. A word used in veering for aback, alluding to the situation of the head-yards in paying off. (see brace aback.)— lay the head-yards abox—in former times, and even at present, many good seamen ...
    A pintle-plate.
    On tap, in use; spoken of barrels of beer or other liquors.
    A part either of the diameter or the transverse axis of a conic section, intercepted between the vertex or any other fixed point and a semi-ordinate.—abscission of a planet, its being outstripped ...
    See squatter.
    Places supposed to be the site of constant whirlpools, such as charybdis, the maelstrom, and others. it means generally an abyss.
    An old term for an officer brought up at the royal navy academy at portsmouth, afterwards named the royal naval college.
    The old word for lost or cast-away. in weighing anchor the head-yards are generally braced acast, to cause the vessel to cast in the direction. “does she take acast?” is frequently the question of...
    An old word for purveyor of victuals, whence caterer, or superintendent and provider of a mess. thus in ben jonson`s “the devil is an ass”—
    Victuals; provisions purchased; delicious food; dainties.
    A word used in roman naval affairs for a small boat, and also the main-mast of a ship.
    [ad and collum, lat.] the ceremony of dubbing a knight, and the consequent embrace formerly customary on the occasion.
    An old term for an habiliment, or part of the trappings and furniture of a soldier or knight; now generally used for the belts, pouches, and equipments of soldiers or marines.
    A word used by old voyagers for the end of a deep bay; it is corrupted from cul de sac.
    The old word for caterer of a mess.
    A star of the first magnitude in the constellation eridanus, called by navigators the “spring of the river.” it is invisible in our latitude. ({a} eridani.) properly should be acher nahr.
    An ancient term, signifying the rising of the heavenly bodies at sunset, or setting at sunrise.
    See eagre or aigre. also, an eddying ripple on the surface of flooded waters. a tide swelling above another tide, as in the severn. (see bore.)
    A commercial term, more generally called quittance (which see).
across the tide
    A ship riding across tide, with the wind in the direction of the tide, would tend to leeward of her anchor; but with a weather tide, or that running against the wind, if the tide be strong, would ...
  1. A buckler, helmet, or other symbolical ornament on the prow of ancient ships; the origin of the modern figure-head.

  2. A symbolical ornament on the prows of ancient vessels; precursor ...
act and intention
    Must be united in admiralty law.
    A peninsula; the term was particularly applied by the ancients to the sea-coast around mount athos.
act of court
    The decision of the court or judge on the verdict, or the overruling of the court on a point of law.
act of grace
    An act of parliament for a general and free pardon to deserters from the service and others.
acting commission
    When a commissioned officer is invalided, his vacancy is filled up pending the pleasure of the admiralty by an acting order. but when an officer dies on a station, where the admiralty delegates th...
active service
  1. Duty against an enemy; operations in his presence. or in the present day it denotes serving on full-pay, on the active list, in contradistinction to those who are virtually retired, and placed...
    Oakum. the anglo-saxon term for the hards, or the coarse part, of flax or unplucked wool.
    The moon in nautic horoscopes.
    A word which howell explains as the flower of sea-water.