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Outsourcing in translation business

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Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools


    Amphibious assault fuel supply facility.
    Anti-aircraft missile.
abergele apparition
    For centuries, and as recently as may 2008, people claim to have seen an antique ship sailing along the coast off abergale in wales. eyewitness reports are strikingly similar. for example, on 31st...
who said his grandfather told him
    white people formerly inhabited the country ... called welsh, they had crossed the great water and landed first near the mouth of the alabama river.
    Amphibious bulk fuel system.
absent without leave
    Unauthorized absence from the place of duty. (former usn terminology was absent without official leave, and its acronym was often used verbally and pronounced a-wol.)
abyssal hills
    A tract of small elevations on the floor of the abyss.
abyssal plain
    The flat, deep ocean floor. it is almost featureless because a thick layer of sediment covers the hills and valleys of the ocean basin below it.
accident boat
    A small boat kept swung out for rapid lowering in the event of a person overboard. also rescue boat.
    Equipment other than clothing and weapons.
ace high
    Usn designation of a tropospheric forward- scatter communications system. acey-deucey: a board game similar to backgammon, popular in the usn.
    Describes [1] an anchor hanging at the cathead ready to let go. [2] square-rig yards angled randomly as a sign of mourning. see also blue paint, mourning salute, yards apeak.
acoustic baffle
    Sonar arrays are extremely sensitive to underwater noise and have to be protected from propeller cavitation, wake disturbance, machinery noise, and other sounds generated by the vessel. to this en...
acoustic mine
    Device which is detonated by sound waves such as those generated by a ships propellers.
acoustic torpedo
    A sound-guided torpedo passive versions home in on sounds emanating from the target; active versions rely on the reflected sound of their own emissions.
acoustic warfare
    [1] the use of underwater acoustic energy to search for, locate, intercept, record, analyze, and exploit hostile radiated acoustic energy. [2] to mount countermeasures that prevent or impede enemy...
action information center
    See combat information center. action stations!: rn call for the ships company to go to battle positions (cf. general quarters).
active endeavor
    The mission of natos operation active endeavour is to intercept, escort, protect, disrupt and deter criminal activity that may support terrorist activities. navies from germany, greece, italy, ne...
active list
    Rn document recording officers on active duty.
active sonar
    Anti-submarine technologies that emit pulses of sound (known as pings) into the ocean, and then listen for reflections (echoes) in order to paint a snapshot picture of all objects within their r...
    [1] in common language, to be muddled, confused, or rotten. [2] obsolete, seamans term for fresh water that had gone putrid in the cask. from old english adela = filth.
adjacent zone
    Waters immediately beyond territorial limits over which a nation claims customs enforcement or fishing rights.
adjustable pitch
    Ability to alter the pitch of an aerial or marine propeller to improve efficiency and to increase or decrease speed. also controllable pitch, and more fully described under variable pitch.
administrative shipping
    Support vessels capable of transporting troops and cargo from origin to destination, but that cannot be loaded or unloaded without non-organic personnel and/or equipment (e.g., cargo handling pers...
administrative weapons specialist
    Usn enlisted derogatory slang for a yeoman or other sailor with purely administrative duties. not usually used when the sailor in question has a regular warfare or weapons qualification.
admiral of the fleet
    This british rank probably originated in the middle ages, but the first recorded appointment was in 1690. when the royal navy was divided into three squadrons (see admirals in the royal navy) the ...
admiral of the navy
    This united states navy rank, generally considered to be six-star equivalent, was created specifically for admiral george dewey by act of congress in march 1903, with the proviso that it would exi...
admiral popov
    The first of two extraordinary russian warships built in the 1870s to the revolutionary circular design of vice-admiral a. a. popov. the 3,533-ton vessel was completely round, armed with two 12-in...
admirals in the royal navy
    The first english admiral is believed to have been william de leyburn, appointed by king edward i in 1297 with the title admiral of the sea of the king of england. the subordinate positions of vic...
admirals in the united states navy
    Having just overthrown a monarchy, and being imbued with ideals of equality, congress was initially reluctant to introduce the title of admiral which it felt would create an aristocracy of the se...
    The combination of character traits and professional skills that allows a naval commander to develop successful strategies and tactics.
admiralty sweep
    A wide, cautious turn, made to come alongside another vessel or a jetty.
    A highly automated shipborne combat weapons control system. modern anti-ship missiles, coordinated to arrive simultaneously on a designated target, can be launched from air, surface, and submarine...
    Aircraft engineering officer [rn].
    A surface designed to produce lift when air passes over it. aircraft wings and propellers, and helicopter blades are examples. also airfoil.
    Usn term for weather forecasting.
afloat prepositioning
    Refers to the forward deployment near a potential crisis area, or to support amphibious operationsof merchantmen tacticallyloaded with equipment, supplies, and ammunition.
    At or towards the back of a vessel. in nautical terminology, aft is an adverb and after is an adjective as in let us go aft to the after cabin.
after ladder
    Stairs leading to a sailing ships officers quarters and only used by them.
    [1] sailing warship term for seamen and landsmen assigned to sail-handling on poop and quarterdeck. [2] term for the owner, captain, or navigator of a yacht. [3] infrequently used to refer to a me...
afternoon effect
    Reduction in sonar effectiveness caused by the sun warming the sea surface.
age of sail
    This term could be considered an oxymoron, since ships with sails have existed from pre-history to the present day. however, a eurocentric view holds that the great age of sail began in the mid...
age of tide
    The time lapse between a transit of the moon and the resultant tide. also retard of tide.
aghulas current
    A current that flows through the mozambique channel to the aghulas bank and then southward.
agonic line
    A line on the earths surface connecting points of zero magnetic variation.
    [1] in spain and portugal, an inferior brandy, often supplied to british warships before rum became standard issue. [2] in spanish america, a coarse, potent liquor, based on sugar cane and sometim...
    Ornamental braided loops or cords worn as identification by aides-de-camp, the style designating the rank or status of their principals.
air and naval gunfire liaison company
    A group of u.s. naval and marine personnel that controls naval gunfire and close air support from an amphibious beachhead. air bedding!: command to bring bedding on deck for exposure to sun and wi...