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Diamond Glossary (алмазы и бриллианты - глоссарий терминологии)

asscher cut
  1. A fancy shaped diamond with a squared shape and prominently cut corners. asscher cut diamonds have straight, step-like facets similar to those exhibited by emerald cut diamonds.

  2. Ass...
bearded girdle
    A girdle that exhibits a number of tiny, hair-like fractures that extend into the diamond
bezel set
    In a bezel setting, the diamond or other stone is secured to its mounting via a thin strip of metal rather than prongs. bezel settings can be of any shape.
brilliant cut
  1. A round-cut diamond that features triangular and kite-shaped facets that extend from the stone’s center to the girdle edges of its crown and pavilion.

  2. Cut with a facet arrangement t...
channel set
    A setting style that features two parallel walls that hold diamonds and other stones in place, with no metal between the stones.
color origin
    The basis of a colored diamond’s hue, including natural, enhanced, high temperature, and high pressure treated.
cushion cut
  1. A brilliant cut rectangular or squared diamond shape with curved sides, and rounded corners. see our complete guide to cushion cut diamonds.

  2. The cushion cut has a square or rectangu...
emerald cut
  1. A square or rectangular cut diamond with diagonal corners. most emerald cut diamonds have between two and four rows of facets that lie parallel to the girdle.

  2. The emerald-cut is amo...
eye clean
    A term that indicates that a diamond has no flaws that are visible to the naked eye when viewed face up, 12 inches from the viewer.
four cs
    Also known as the 4cs, these features include cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. they are used to evaluate and compare diamonds.
heart cut
    A brilliant cut diamond with a heart shape; pointed at one end with two rounded edges separated by a "v" shape at the other. see all unique diamond shapes.
marquise cut
    A brilliant cut diamond shape that features two curved sides and tapered, pointed ends. most marquise diamonds are brilliant cut. see all unique diamond shapes.
  1. A group of gemstones including diamonds, usually used to accent a larger stone and typically weighing .12 carats or less.

  2. Melee diamonds are very small diamonds. the diamond weight ...
mine cut
    Sometimes called an "old mine cut" diamond, round to rectangular shaped, with a small table, a high crown, and a large culet.
old european cut
    Typically exhibited by some antique diamonds, the old european cut features a small table, a heavy crown, and remarkable depth.
oval cut
    A brilliant cut diamond shape with curved sides and rounded ends.
pear shape
  1. A brilliant cut diamond with one wide, rounded end and one pointed end.

  2. The pear shape most resembles a ‘teardrop’ with its rounded end on one side and a tapering point at the other...
plotting diagram
    A schematic that approximates the shape and style of a diamond while also noting its internal and external characteristics.
princess cut
  1. A brilliant cut diamond shaped like a square or rectangle, with pointed corners. check these 6 outstanding princess cut diamond engagement rings sold at worthy.

  2. The princess cut is ...
radiant cut
  1. A brilliant cut fancy rectangular or square shaped diamond with its corners cut off. read worthy`s guide to radiant cut diamonds.

  2. The radiant cut is either a square or rectangle in ...
rough diamond
  1. An uncut, unpolished diamond.

  2. A diamond in its natural state.
rough stone;
round brilliant cut
    A traditional round diamond, usually with 57 or 58 facets.
  1. Jewelry containing just one diamond or gemstone, i.e. a solitaire engagement ring. diamond solitaire ring trends.

  2. A solitaire ring has a single diamond or stone set by itself in mou...
trilliant cut
    A brilliant cut three-sided diamond shape, sometimes called a triangle cut. sides may be of equal or unequal length.
twinning wisp
    An irregular, ribbon-like inclusion inside a diamond
x-ray fluorescence
    A diamond’s ability to emit secondary x-rays when it is exposed to an x-ray. this characteristic is used to identify a diamond or other stone by indicating its chemical elements.
bezel facet
    On a round brilliant diamond, these are eight large kite shaped facets on the crown. also called the top main facets.
crown angle
    The angle measured between the girdle plane and the bezel facets. along with table size the crown angle helps determine the amount of dispersion displayed by the diamond.
crown height percentage
    The crown height expressed as a percentage of the average girdle diameter.
depth percentage
    The depth of the diamond divided by the average width expressed as a percentage.
    European gemological laboratory - egl has franchises in a number of cities around the world which grade diamonds.
    In clarity grading eye-clean diamonds should have no inclusions that are visible through the crown to the unaided eye.
fancy colour
    Any naturally coloured diamond with a noticeable depth of bodycolour considered to be rare or attractive. red and green are the rarest fancy colours, followed by purple, violet, orange, blue and p...
fancy shape
    Any cut other than a round brilliant or single cut. traditional fancy cuts include the marquise, emerald cut, heart shape, oval shape, pear shape, half-moon, kite, triangle and various modified br...
four c`s
    The four factors - colour, clarity, cut and carat weight - which determine the value of a diamond.
fracture filling
    A diamond enhancement process whereby a cavity or opening in a diamond is filled with an artificial substance.
    Gemological institute of america gem trade laboratory. well respected independent laboratory which grades diamonds and includes a diamond grading report with each diamond. gia is the creator of th...
girdle percentage
    The measurement describing the percentage of the diamonds average girdle diameter.
grading report
    Sometimes called a certificate, although labs do not certify diamonds. the grading report issued by an independent laboratory should accurately describe the proportions, weight, colour, clarity, s...
    International gemological institute. a laboratory which offers a diamond grading report.
laser drill hole
    A tiny tube created in a diamond by a laser drilling.
laser drilling
    Enhancement process used to improve the appearance of a diamond which contains dark inclusions. a hole is drilled into the diamond with a laser until it reaches the inclusion; if the included mate...
length - to - width ratio
    A comparison of the length and width of the girdle outline on fancy shaped diamonds. the ratio is found by dividing the length of the diamond by the width. the width is always stated as 1.
lower girdle facets
    The facets on the pavilion of a round brilliant just below the girdle.
master diamonds
    Sets of rough or polished diamonds of known body colour to which other diamonds are compared to judge their colour grade. master diamonds typically range from colourless through gradually deepenin...
mohs scale
  1. The 10 point scale of mineral hardness. diamond scores 10 on the mohs scale. diamond is the hardest of all known natural substances.

  2. The mohs scale of mineral hardness was created i...
    Round brilliant diamond with a dark centre which resembles the head of a nail; caused by a pavilion depth greater than 48 percent.
pavilion angle
    The angle measured between the girdle and the pavilion main facet.
pavilion depth percentage
    The depth of the pavilion in millimeters expressed as a percentage of the average diameter.
pavilion main facets
    The eight facets found on the pavilion of a round brilliant diamond.