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Movers Glossary

box marker
    Writing utensil used to label movers boxes.
bubble wrap
    Plastic sheets containing air pockets. ideal for protecting goods when moving and packing.
cell-pack dividers
    Cardboard strips connected to each other to create a grid. used: to separate glasses, plates, bottles.
  1. Movers cart.

  2. Bummer

  3. A mobile camera platform from simple to sophisticated.

  4. Low, flat, usually two feet square, platform on four wheels used for carrying heavy ... carrito móvil portacámara; carrito portacámara;
extra large moving box
    Size variation of movers box.
file moving box
    Cardboard box designed to hold both letter and legal sized documents.
frame moving box
    Cardboard box designed to move fragile items such as pictures and mirrors. sizes vary.
furniture covers
    Durable plastic and/or material coverings designed to provide fitted protection to furnishing.
kitchen moving box
    Extremely durable cardboard box, designed and tested to withstand accidents.
large moving box
    Size variation of movers box.
mattress covers
    Durable plastic and/or material coverings designed to provide fitted protection to mattresses.
medium moving box
    Size variation of movers box.
mirror moving box
    Frame moving box.
movers box
    Containers (usually made of cardboard) used to carry goods being transferred.
movers cart
    Device (usually made of metal) used to carry heavy and or multiple box to and from movers vehicle. generally an ‘l’ shaped device with 2-4 wheels, however shape and design vary.
movers hat
    Movers uniform.
movers insurance
    Assurance purchased, or provided, for the state goods upon delivery.
movers liability
    Legal responsibility of goods placed on the movers during the transfer.
movers rubber bands
    Large elastic bands used to secure moving pads and/or blankets to furnishings.
movers supplies
    Materials used to transfer goods such as: moving boxes, moving paper, moving tape, plastic wrap, moving pads, etc.
movers tools
    Movers supplies.
movers transportation
    Vehicle(s) used for the transfer of goods.
movers uniform
    Attire worn to identify mover.
movers wages
    Monetary value placed on labourer for transferring goods.
moving blankets
    Thick durable cloth used to protect furnishings.
moving insurance
    Movers insurance.
moving kit
    A package which contains the required movers supplies.
moving pads
    Used with or in place of moving blankets.
moving tape
    Packaging tape.
moving truck rental
    Hiring a large truck at an hour/daily rate to help move furniture and belongings from one location to another.
packaging paper
    Thick sheets of paper layered and glued to each other to protect and or divide the contents of a packed box.
packaging tape
    Adhesive used to seal and secure the movers box.
packaging tape dispenser
    Design simplifies taping , allows for easy distribution and cutting around a box.
packing paper
    Packaging paper.
picture moving box
    Frame moving box.
shrink wrap
  1. Stretch wrap.

  2. Process of wrapping loose items on pallet with transparent plastic wrapping.
small moving box
    Size variation of movers box.
stretch wrap
    A plastic film with elastic tendencies, used to wrap box a) to secure the seal, and b) group box by wrapping them together.
wardrobe box
    A standing box with a built in clothes rail, which allows for clothes to be hung for moving example: dresses, dress shirts, skirts.