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Глоссарий морской лексики для перевода инструкций для катеров.

v drive
    A drive system that has the output of the engine facing forward and coupled to a transmission. the prop shaft is then coupled to the transmission.
    A permanent cover over the cabin or cockpit.
  1. A region of low atmospheric pressure. hurricanes are extremely concentrated low pressure systems.

  2. Bass sounds or other low frequency sounds.
wave gradient
    A wave`s slope or angle from trough to crest with respect to the horizon.
    Aboat being thrown end-over-end.
  1. Acenter of pressure surrounded by lower pressure on all sides. caused by a mass of cooler, sinking, drier air. this raises the area ground level air pressure and provides clear skies.

shaft log
    Afitting at the hull bottom where the shaft connecting an engine to its propeller penetrates the hull. ashaft log permits the shaft to rotate while simultaneously preventing water from entering th...
documented vessel
    Documented yachts have been specially registered with the u.s. coast guard. all documented yachts must have their name and home (hailing) port marked on some conspicuous place on the hull. numberi...
    High pressure fingers extending out from a high.
    Lines of equal air pressure that connect all the local points on a weather map. these lines are usually closed and define high or low pressure air masses.
port quarter
    Looking forward, a vessel`s left rear section.
    Rooms divided by bulkheads. counter - the overhang at the stern of a boat.
    The interior walls of a boat.
port beam
    The left-center of a boat. port bow - facing the bow, the front left side.
anchor rode or rope
    The line (chain) connecting a vessel to its anchor.
tumble home
    The opposite of flare. the shape of the hull as it moves outboard going down from the gunwale to the waterline or chine.
  1. The thin outer layer of pigmented plastic covering a fiberglass vessel.

  2. Pigmented outside layer of a grp boat
wet exhaust
    This term refers to an exhaust system where the cooling seawater is mixed with the exhaust gases just after the riser. this mixture is then ejected through the drive or ports located in the transo...
starboard bow
    When facing the bow, the front right side.
starboard quarter
    When looking forward, the right rear section of the boat.
    Where opposing warm and cold air masses meet, generally producing a band of wet, stormy weather wherever they meet.