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Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Авиационный алфавит

      a; альфа;
      1. Bar

      2. Battalion; brick

      3. Brigade; bulletin; bach = brook, creek; berg = mountain, height
      bravo; relative bearing; b; bar; бар; алголь ,; battalion; brigade; brick; bulletin; bach = brook, creek; berg = mountain, height;
        Nato phonetic notation for the letter “b” (see table 11).
      b; браво;
        [1] nato phonetic notation for the letter “c.” [2] naval aviation term directing an aircraft into the carrier landing pattern.
      c; Чарли;
      1. Deci — деци-

      2. Denarius — пенс, пенни

      3. Dexter — правый

      4. Datum

      5. Daughter

      6. Day

      7. Deceleration

      8. Degree

      9. Density
        delta; d; degree; степень; градус; datum; daughter; day; deceleration; density; departed; depot; depth; descend (ing); design; desirable; detached; development; diameter; differential; diffuser; digital; dimension; director aircraft; disconnect device; discontinuity; display; distance; dive configuration; door; double; down; drag; drain; drone; drop; duct; dust; av med diploma in aviation medicine; of d distribution of duties; division; dwor = manor house; dwelling; 1. due; тяжелая вода ,; ад;
      1. A symbol used to indicate deviation or difference.

      2. Коэффициент “дельта” . показатель чувствительности рассчитываемой стоимости опциона к незначительным колебаниям цены базового акти... d; дельта; delta;
      1. East; electronic; elevator (open); einwohner = inhabitant

      2. Xw (x works) a trading term used in the sale of goods to denote that the price includes only the cost of the product at the... echo; e; электрохимический потенциал; east; electronic; elevator (open); einwohner = inhabitant;
      1. The reflections of signal energy that cause it to return to the transmitter or to the receiver.

      2. Sound waves which have been reflected to a listener with sufficient magnitude and tim... e; эхо; эхо; imagen fantasma; viruses вирусы echo; эхоотображение; отображение символа на экране;; эхопередача; отражение; эхо;;
          Nato phonetic notation for the letter “f.”
        f; фокстрот;
        1. Pool game or drill where the goal is to pocket a single object ball in each pocket with the fewest number of "strokes". the cue ball is placed on the head spot and the object ball is placed on... g; гольф;
        1. Hora

        2. Z hertz

        3. S significant wave height

        4. Max maximum wave height

        5. Heat conservation insulation

        6. Z frequency meter

        7. Hertz
        hotel; h; non-- directional radio homing beacon (ndb); home; enthalpy; энтальпия напор, напорный высота всасывания; hora; герц гц; значительная высота волны; максимальная высота волны; теплоизоляция; частотомер; z hertz; s significant wave height; max maximum wave height; heat conservation insulation; z frequency meter; г; hertz; кремнефтористоводородная кислота ,; парафенилендиамин ,; серная кислота ,; сернистая кислота ,;
        1. A building in which lodging and other services, often board, are provided primarily to transients and, less often, to permanent residents.

        2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “h.”... h; хотель; если действие происходит во франции, может означать "особняк";
        1. The nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself

        2. Infantry; iron

        3. Is moreover a little narrow flag at the end of a lance.

        4. Th... india; ; ساي; ĕgo; eu; yo; je; io; eu; i; би; ben; mən; men; мен; men; юстиниан; аббас; абдаррахман; хайле селассие; харальд; хаттусили; хелуанский некрополь; хосров; акиндин; александр; александра; альберт; альфонс; infantry; iron; кнуд; ксеркс; ласло; левкон; леопольд; лжедмитрий; людовик; максимилиан; мануил; маргрете; мария; петр; петра; пржемысл; регламенты петра; роман; салманасар; сардури; святополк; святослав; селим; сигизмунд; соломон; стефан; сулейман; суппилулиума; теймураз; тиглатпаласар; тутмос; феодосий; фердинанд; флавиан; формула; франц; фридрих; фридрих вильгельм; ox input-output executive; sql interactive sql;
        1. English enjoys associate status but is the most important language for national, political, and commercial communication; hindi is the national language and primary tongue of 30% of the people... i; индиЯ; гос-eo индия,;
            Nato phonetic notation for the letter “j.” also (incorrectly) juliet. see phonetic alphabets and table 11.
          j; джульет;
          1. 1,000; kilo

          2. Potassium.

          3. A pulse which is not strong, which is not easy to feel 453 werdnig-hoffmann disease

          4. Лицевая(петля); вязать
          kilo; подготовительный класс;
          1. Thousand

          2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “k.” see table 11.
          k; кило;
            1. Landsat image mosaic of antarctica

            2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “l.”
            l; лайма; г. лайма (шт. огайо, сша); г. лима (столица перу); landsat image mosaic of antarctica; лима;
              1. Microphone

              2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “m.”
              m; майк; microphone;
                n; новембер;
                1. Oculus — глаз

                2. Osten, orientalis, orien, oriente, orientis = east

                3. Ostwarts

                4. The fourth class of rating on lloyd`s books for the comparative excellence of merchan... oscar; o; osten, orientalis, orien, oriente, orientis = east; ostwarts;
                1. Optimal survival containment and recover

                2. Optimum system controlling aircraft

                3. Orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio

                4. Online satellite catalog and request sys... o; оскар; optimal survival containment and recover; optimum system controlling aircraft; orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio; online satellite catalog and request system (noaa);
                  1. Prepare to abandon platform alarm

                  2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “p.”
                  p; папа; сигнал; prepare to abandon platform alarm;
                    1. Пров. квебек {канада)

                    2. Г. квебек {пров. квебек, канада)

                    3. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “q.” pronounced kay-bec.
                    q; квебек;
                        Nato phonetic notation for the letter “r.”
                      r; ромео;
                      1. Sinister — левый

                      2. Subjectum — подлежащее

                      3. Shutter priority

                      4. Sive sen

                      5. Automated control

                      6. Area

                      7. Satellite

                      8. Saturation
                        sierra; s; секунда; sentence; sourse; second; источник; shutter priority; sive sen; асу; automated control; area; satellite; saturation; scientific (experiment); search; secondary; semispan; (message) sent; shaft; side; silver; simply; single; slipstream; (path) slope; slow; snow; soft; solid; solubility; sound; south; southern latitude; space; special; speed; spin; starboard; static; strategic; stratus; stringer; supplementary; switch; synchronizer; secret; store; see = lake, ocean; suden = south; странность; rib; ridge; slave; ft syste m fa u lt to le ra n ce;
                      1. Xp. сьерра-невада (сша);

                      2. Горн. массив сьерра-невада (испания)

                      3. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “s.”
                      s; сиерра; горы восточная сьёрра-мадре (мексика); горы западная сьёрра-мадре (мексика); горы сьерра-морёна (испания); гос-во сьерра-леоне, republic of; п-ов сьерра-леоне (западная африка, гос-во сьерралеоне); сьерра;
                        Nato phonetic notation for the letter “t.”
                      t; танго;
                        1. The set of official clothes worn by a group of people such as the nurses in a hospital to identify them  adjective the same or similar  healthy red blood cells are of a uniform shape and siz... u; униформ; равномерный; однородный; единообразный; военная форма; не униформа, а просто форма, например, военная, мундир. это в цирке униформисты.; однотипный; дружный (о всходах);
                          Nato phonetic notation for the letter “v.”
                        v; виктор;
                          1. Whisky

                          2. Nato phonetic notation for the letter “w.”
                          w; виски;
                            1. 1. a ray with a very short wavelength, which is invisible, but can go through soft tissue and register as a photograph on a film. x-rays are used in diagnosis in radiography, and in treating d... x; икс-рэй;
                            1. A "y" shaped plumbing fitting.

                            2. Yaw

                            3. Yellow (light)
                            yankee; yaw; yellow (light);
                            1. An appellation often erroneously given to north americans in general, whereas it is strictly applicable to those of the new england states only; it is not used complimentarily in the back sett... y; Янки;
                              [1] nato phonetic notation for the letter “z.” [2] used in nato and commercial radio communications to signify coordinated universal time using the 24-hour clock (e.g., 1700 zulu signifies 5:00 p.... z; зулу; zul;
                              1. Нуль

                              2. N нуль | a нулевой

                              3. The cypher or nought at the beginning of a graduated arc.
                              0; зеро; s,ifr 'empty'; нуль; z;
                                The admirals of the fleet rank with field-marshals. 2. admirals ” generals. 3. vice-admirals ” lieutenant-generals. 4. rear-admirals ” major-generals. 5. captains of the fleet } 6. commodores } ” ... ouanne;
                                1; уан;