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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Расширения файлов

    Usually readme file
    Temp file (qtic)
    Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer (locoscript)
    Printer data file (locoscript)
    Printer data file (locoscript)
    Standard mode printer definitions (locoscript)
    Temporary file
    Pipe file (dos)
    Zx spectrum file in hobeta format
    Temporary file (dbase iv)
    Editor temporary file (ms c)
    Tlink response file (borland c++)
    Pipe file (dos)
    Virtual manager temporary file (windows 3.x)
    Lha archiver temporary file (lha)
    Screen files used in installation or instructions
    Table (adinf)
    Temporary file (1st reader)
    Old appexpert project database (borland c++ 4.x)
    Project backup (borland c++ 4.x)
    Menu backup (norton commander)
    Compressed harddisk data (doublespace)
  1. Common filename extension (geos)

  2. Compressed harddisk data (doublespace)
    Fax (hayes jt fax) (many)
    75x75 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    85x85 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    91x91 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    96x96 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    Printer font with linedraw extended character set (pagemaker)
    Unformatted manual page (roff/nroff/troff/groff)
    Bitmap graphics (gemini 10x printer graphics file)
    Printer font with pi font set (pagemaker)
    Usually readme.1st text
    Bitmap graphics (24bit data)
    Vga graphics driver (windows video grabber)
    Fax (super fax 2000 - fax-mail 96))
    Virtual device driver (windows 386 enhanced mode)
    Quickdraw 3d metafile (quickdraw)
    Quickdraw 3d metafile (quickdraw)
    Graphics (3d studio)
    Effect (corelchart)
    Vga graphics driver (windows video grabber)
    Binary file converter to ascii (util3)
    Datafile (4cast/2)
    Musical file
    Swap file (4dos)
    Forth language source code file (forthcmp - lmi forth)
    Music (the mixing is always at 12048hz)
    Music (8 channels mod) (the 669 composer)
    Music (6 channel module) (triton fasttracker)
    75x75 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    Assembly language source code file (a86)
    85x85 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    Music (8 channel module) (triton fasttracker)
    Printer font with math 8 extended character set (pagemaker)
    Music (amiga octamed)
    Sound (amiga 8-bit)
    Printer font with roman 8 extended character set (pagemaker)
    91x91 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
    96x96 dpi display font (ventura publisher)
  1. Ada language source code file

  2. Assembly source code (macintosh)

  3. Object library (unix)
    Graphics (aiim)
    Alpha channel image data (24bit 3d animation) (cubicomp picturemaker)
    Datafile (abstat)
    Datafile (abstat)
  1. Document (abc flowcharter 1.0)

  2. General filename extension (abc programming language)

  3. Musical notation language file (folk melodies)
    Adobe binary screen font (adobe software)
  1. Automatic backup (coreldraw)

  2. Avigo backup (avigo)
    Image pals album file
    Adobe brush file (adobe photoshop)
  1. Abstracts (info file)

  2. Data file (abscissa)
    Spooled plot file (autocad autospool)
    Project (project manager workbench)
    Autocad database file
  1. Archive (acb)

  2. Graphics (acmb)
    Program (dr-dos - viewmax) (gem / resident)
    Adobe custom filter (adobe photoshop)