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English Words from Arabic
  1. Азимут а уел compressed-air line линия сжатого воздуха а уел hail (средний) град а уел year год а5 amber airway number 5 «желтая» воздушная трасса № 5, трасса № 5 11 полетов в направлении с юга на север аа уел военнослужащая (рядового или сержантского сос

  2. Азимут; азимутальный

  3. Азимут

  4. Angle between an antenna beam and the meridian plane, measured along a horizontal plane. how far east or west in the southerly sky the satellite is located in relation to the local meridian, or north-south plane. it is measured in degrees, clockwise from true north. glossary/7 b

  5. In plane surveying, a horizontal angle measured clockwise from north meridian to the direction of an object or fixed point.

  6. A word borrowed from the arabic. the complement of the amplitude, or an arc between the meridian of a place and any given vertical line.

  7. [1] in navigation; the angle measured clockwise between north and the celestial body being sighted. [2] in gunnery; the angle of horizontal deviation measured clockwise from north or south.

  8. Азимут; курсовой угол azel азимутально-угломестная подвеска -b- ва 1. арбитр шины; 2. "байт готов"

As-sumut 'the paths'; see also zenith, английский

Азимут, русский
  1. Угол между плоскостью меридиана точки наблюдения и вертикальной плоскостью, проходящей через эту точку и наблюдаемое светило.

  2. (араб . ас-сумут, мн. ч. от ас-самт - путь, направление) объекта, направления, угол (азимут) между плоскостью меридиана точки наблюдения и вертикальной плоскостью, проходящей через эту точку и наблюдаемый объект. отсчитывается от севера (в геодезии) или о

Azm, английский
  1. The iso 4217 currency code for azerbaijani manat.

  2. Azimuth

Азимута, русский

Compressed, английский
    Сжат; уплотнен

Азимутальный, русский

Horizontal, английский
  1. Горизонталь; горизонтальный

  2. Горизонталь; горизонтальный 287

  3. At right angles to the direction of gravity; on the level; parallel to the horizon; neither vertical nor inclined.

  4. A direction parallel to the horizon, or what is commonly termed lying flat. one of the greatest inconveniences navigators have to struggle with is the frequent want of a distinct sight of the horizon. to obviate this a horizontal spinning speculum was adopted by mr. lerson, who was lost in the victory man-of-war, in which ship he was sent out to make trial of his instrument. this was afterwards improved by smeaton, and consists of a well-polished metal speculum about 3-1/2 inches in diameter, inclosed within a circular rim of brass, so fitted that the centre of gravity of the whole shall fall near the point on which it spins. this is the end of a steel axis running through the centre of the speculum, above which it finishes in a square for the convenience of fitting a

Complement, английский
  1. The complement of a subset of a given set is the collection of all elements of the set that are not elements of the subset.

  2. Дополнение

  3. Штат личного состава; комплект; состав; дополнение

  4. The number of persons in a ship`s crew, including officers.

  5. The number of officers and crew employed upon a vessel for its safe navigation and operation.

  6. / k?mpl?m?nt/ a substance which forms part of blood plasma and is essential to the work of antibodies and antigens  verb / k?mpl?ment/ to complete something by providing useful or pleasing qualities which it does not itself have

  7. N дополнение; ком- племент1 phrase direct ~ прямое дополнение verbal ~ глагольное дополнение verb(al) phrase ~ дополнение глагольной со- ставляющей

  8. The proper number of men employed in any ship, either for navigation or battle. in navigation the complement of the course is what it wants of eight points; of latitude, what it is short of 90°. ( see co-latitude.)

  9. [1] the number of officers and crew required for safe operation and navigation of a merchantman. [2] the number of officers and ratings/enlisted required and authorized to form a warship’s company at full operational readiness.

  10. Дополнение; дополнительный код

As-sumut 'the paths'; see also zenith, английский

'ayatu-llah 'miraculous sign of god', английский