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Language (script) codes
  1. Symbol timing recovery

  2. Sea test range

  3. Straight

  4. Strainer

  5. Strength

  6. Structural

  7. Strut

  8. Sustained turn rate

  9. Systems technology radar

  10. Service du traitement des donnees radar (frdps)

  11. Software test report

  12. Station report

Saanich, английский

Symbol timing recovery, английский
    Восстановление сигнала тактовой синхронизации символов

Sea test range, английский
    Морской испытательный полигон

Straight, английский
  1. Прямой; прямо

  2. Прямой

Strainer, английский
  1. A coarse filter element (pore size over approximately 40 ¦m)

  2. Фильтр

  3. A device for withholding foreign matter from a flowing liquid or gas; a sieve.

  4. Дуршлаг

  5. A screening device on the suction line of the primary pump or in the head of a core barrel to keep out debris that might clog the pump valves or core barrel.

  6. Сетчатый фильтр (жидкостный), фильтр-грязеуловитель, грязевик; сосун (на, всасывающей трубе насоса)

  7. A filter, particularly a coarse full

Strength, английский
  1. The ability of a member to sustain stress without failure.

  2. The strength of a fragrance refers to how intense its scent is.

  3. Прочность

  4. (1) the ability of a member to sustain stress without failure

  5. Of a material, the capability of the material to resist physical forces imposed on it.

  6. The fact of being strong  after her illness she had no strength in her limbs.

  7. In naval architecture, means giving the various pieces of a ship their proper figures, so that by their combination and disposition they may be united into a firm and compact frame. in regimental affairs it implies merely the number of men actually serving.

  8. The relative intensity of a fragrance impression.

Structural, английский
  1. Структурный; конструктивный

  2. Said of a load-bearing member, element, etc., of a building.

  3. A структурный analysis, class, description, linguistics, metaphor, order, phonologist, phonology, series, signal, system

Strut, английский
  1. A structural timber resisting compressive forces along the grain.

  2. Стойка; подкос

  3. Стойка; распорка

  4. Стойка, подпора, подпорка, боквая нога мачты

  5. A brace or any piece of a frame which resists thrusts in the direction of its own length; may be upright, diagonal, or horizontal.

  6. Распорка, реек, аутригер, гик переднего паруса; кронштейн, стойка

  7. A stanchion or sustaining prop to the lower beams.

  8. [1] a bar forming part of a framework, designed to resist compression. [2] part of an aircraft’s landing gear. [3] a support for the after portion of a propeller shaft.

  9. A diagonal brace between two legs of a drill tripod or derrick; also, a vertical-compression member in a structure or in an underground timber set.

  10. Сжатый элемент конструкции; сжатый раскос (фермы); подкос; распорка

  11. A propeller shaft support that is below the hull. sump-a pit or well into which water is drained.

  12. Важная или неестественная походка

  13. A type of shock absorber that also serves as a suspension locating member.. most struts incorporate the suspension spring around their shaft, a design called the macpherson strut. a “modified strut” mounts the spring separately from the strut.

Sustained turn rate, английский
    Установившаяся угловая скорость разворота

Systems technology radar, английский
    Рлс для технической разработки систем про

Synchronous transmitter-receiver, английский

Technology, английский
  1. The use of tools and knowledge to meet human needs.

  2. Техника; технология

  3. Техника (означает все знания или неотъемлемую часть знаний о: научных принципах или открытиях; промышленных процессах; материальных и энергетических ресурсах; средствах транспорта и связи, постольку, поскольку эти знания непосредственно касаются развития производства товаров или сферы услуг; документы юнеско)

  4. N технология speech recognition ~ технология распознава- ния речи3

  5. Национальный институт стандартов и технологии

  6. Технология

  7. The body of knowledge about, and the systematic study of, methods, techniques and hardware applied in the adaptation of the physical environment to man`s needs and wants. the application of scientific knowledge to build or improve the infrastructure of agriculture, industry government and daily life. (technology must not be confused with the very infrastructure it generates). technology has autocatalytic properties. it favores the use of technical devices and processes even in solving social problems, e.g., by using fertilizers to enhance agricultural production rather than a different form of work organization, by using computers for national planning rather than decentralized decision making processes.

  8. The practical application of knowledge to achieve particular tasks that employs both technical artefacts (hardware, equipment) and (social) information (‘software’, know-how for production and use of artefacts). supply push aims at developing specifi c technologies through support for research, development and demonstration. demand pull is the practice of creating market and other incentives to induce the introduction of particular sets of technologies (e.g., low-carbon technologies through carbon pricing) or single technologies (e.g., through technology-specifi c feed-in tariffs).

Saanich, английский

Swati, английский