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    A plain text computer file format that stores multimedia playlists, specifying the locations of one or more media files. the format was originally written for winamp by nullsoft, but has been used in many media programs including itunes. in addition to po

Multimedia, английский
  1. Мультимедиа

  2. The combination of multiple digitized data types; text, sound, computergenerated graphics and animations, photographs and video. the merger of digital technologies based on the use of computers. the technologies that are converging are computing, television, printing and telecommunications.

  3. Мультимедиа; системы с комплексным представлением информации multimedia accelerator акселератор мультимедиа multimedia access system система доступа к данным мультимедиа multimedia and supercomputing components group группа по разработке компонентов мультимедиа-систем и сверхбыстрых вычислений

Originally, английский

Аspect ratio, английский

Визуальное качество, английский