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Cipher feedback mode (cfb mode)

Data Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
    In the cipher feedback mode (cfb) is data encrypted in units smaller than the block size. this mode can be used to encrypt any number of bits e.g. single bits or single characters (bytes) before sending across an insecure data link.

Characters, английский
    Certain marks invented for shortening the expression of mathematical calculations, as +,—, ?, ?, =, : :: :, [sq], &c.

Ciphertext, английский
  1. Unreadible text resulting from encryption.

  2. Зашифрованный текст; шифротекст

  3. Data that has been encrypted.

Cipher block chaining mode (cbc mode), английский
    Cipher block chaining (cbc) is a mode of operation for a block cipher in which a sequence of bits are encrypted as a single unit or block with a cipher key applied to the entire block.