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Data Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
  1. To convert plain text into an unintelligible form by means of a cipher.

  2. Кодировать

  3. To convert plain text into unintelligible language using a letter-substitution cipher.

Кодировать, русский

Шифровать, русский

Цифровать;, русский

Кодировать; шифровать, русский

Substitution, немецкий

Encrypt, английский
  1. To convert plain text into an unintelligible form.

  2. Generic term for the conversion of plain text into unintelligible language, including codes and ciphers.

  3. Зашифровать; шифровать

  4. An item in a drop-down list that a user sees when taking action to encrypt a message.

  5. To programmatically disguise content to hide its substance.

Electronic data storage, английский
    A storage device which requires electrical power to store and retrieve saved data.