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Gramm-leach-bliley act

Data Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
    This act includes laws that govern the collection and disclosure of customers' personal financial information by financial institutions. it requires all financial institutions to design, implement and maintain safeguards to protect customer information.

Act, английский
  1. Activated clotting time

  2. Action

  3. Activated

  4. Activation

  5. Active

  6. Active control technology

  7. Actual

  8. Actuate

  9. Actuating

  10. Actuator

  11. Advanced computer technology

  12. Air control team

  13. Area communication terminal

  14. Area correlation tracker

  15. Automatic code translation

  16. Aviation classification test

  17. Automatic custody transfer

  18. Administration du cadastre et de la topographie (luxembourg); australian capital territory

  19. Акт, закон

  20. N акт, действие illocutionary ~ тра иллокутивный акт locutionary ~ тра локутивный акт perlocutionary ~ тра перлокутивный акт11 speech ~ тра речевой акт indirect ~ ~ тра косвенный речевой акт s~ a~ theory теория речевых актов actant n актант

  21. Действовать; влиять

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, английский
    Activated clotting time

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, английский

Act, немецкий

Act, русский
    (ast) фридрих (род. 29 дек. 1778, гота – ум. 31 окт. 1841, мюнхен) – нем. философ, последователь шеллинга. в своей работе 4grundriя einer geschichte der philosophie» (1807) сделал попытку показать развитие философских систем, которое он понимал как связь разума. в 4grundriя der philologie» (1808) и в соч. 4gnmdlinien der grammatik, hermeneutik und kritik» (1808), исходя из античной философии и ориентируясь на нее, дает свою теорию герменевтики, в основу которой кладет учение о духе: дух есть источник, принцип формирования и фокус всей жизни. ясность духа – это высшее единство исторического и грамматического.

Act and intention, английский
    Must be united in admiralty law.

Act community, английский
    An online environment that enables application compatibility toolkit (act) users to anonymously share issue and solution data with other registered act users.

Act curtain., английский

Act data collector, английский
    A component of the application compatibility toolkit that installs the compatibility evaluators, maintains the compatibility evaluator scheduling, collects your data through the compatibility evaluators, and uploads the issue data to both the microsoft compatibility exchange and your act database.

Act drop, английский

Act log processing service, английский
    The service that processes the log files uploaded from your client computers, adding the information to your act database.

Act of court, английский
    The decision of the court or judge on the verdict, or the overruling of the court on a point of law.

Act of god, английский
  1. An accident due exclusively to natural causes which may not be provided against by human foresight.

  2. Форс-мажорные обстоятельства, действие непреодолимых обстоятельств

  3. This comprehends all sudden accidents arising from physical causes, as distinguished from human agency, such as from lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, and epidemic contagion amongst the crew. for none of these are ship-owners responsible.

  4. Marine insurance term meaning any natural event which could not have been reasonably foreseen.

Act of grace, английский
    An act of parliament for a general and free pardon to deserters from the service and others.

Act of pardon or act of grace, английский
    A letter from a state or power authorising action by a privateer. see also letter of marque.

Act of state doctrine, английский
    This doctrine says that a nation is sovereign within its own borders, and its domestic actions may not be questioned in the courts of another nation.

Act with recklessness that makes disaster pr, английский

Collection, английский
  1. The accumulation of precipitation into surface and underground areas, including lakes, rivers, and aquifers.

  2. Прием средств, инкассо, сбор задолженности по кредитам

  3. Сбор; собирание; коллекция

  4. A container for organizing clips.

  5. A customer’s assemblage of digital media, including music, videos, pictures, games, and apps.

  6. A set of resources in the configuration manager hierarchy.

  7. A set of thematically related apps, games, music tracks, videos, or other items available for purchase or download in the store. a thematic group of editorially chosen apps and games for merchandising or marketing purposes.

  8. A type of specialized class in the .net framework for data storage and retrieval. these classes provide support for stacks, queues, lists, and hash tables. most collection classes implement the same interfaces, and these interfaces may be inherited to create new collection classes that fit more specialized data storage needs.

  9. An export format that maintains a group of images that is generated at export.

  10. An object that contains a set of related objects. an object’s position in the collection can change whenever a change occurs in the collection; therefore, the position of any specific object in a collection may vary.

  11. Automatic grouping of user’s photos and videos based on time and place.

Disclosure, английский
  1. Disclosure relates to the inappropriate attribution of information to a data subject, whether an individual or an organisation. disclosure has two components identification and attribution.

  2. Раскрытие. разглашение.

  3. Раскрытие (изобретения); содержание заявки; описание (изобретения) см. written disclosure

  4. Раскрытие (изобретения); содержание заявки; описание (изобретения)

  5. Раскрытие (информации)

Information, английский
  1. Knowledge of a particular event or situation, or knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact.

  2. Информация

  3. Facts about something  have you any information about the treatment of sunburn?  the police won’t give us any information about how the accident happened.  you haven’t given me enough information about when your symptoms started.  that’s a very useful piece or bit of information. (note: no plural: some information; a piece of information.)

  4. N информация | attr. информационный flow, structure source of ~ источник информации 1 ранее использовался в более широком значении как ‘умозаключе- ние’. 2 получение выводных данных в процессе обработки информации и/или языка и само выводное знание, умозаключение; мыслительная операция, в ходе которой человек выходит за пределы данных в тек- сте сведений и получает новую информацию. 3 аффикс, вставляемый внутрь корня слова при словообразовании или словоизменении.

  5. In admiralty courts, implies a clause introduced into a citation, intimating that in the event of a party cited not appearing, the court will proceed in his absence.

  6. Информация; данные; сведения

  7. Координационный комитет ин4юрмации о проектируемых и возводимых объектах строительства

  8. Literally that which forms within, but more adequately

Safeguards, английский

Hipaa, английский
    The health insurance portability and accountability act (hipaa) is a set of standards for the privacy and protection of all electronic health information. it includes a privacy rule and a security rule that requires healthcare organizations to increase th

Encryption software, английский
  1. Software used to encrypt and decrypt data, usually in the form of computer files, removable media, email messages, or in the form of packets sent over computer networks.

  2. Программное обеспечения шифрования (данных)