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Stream cipher

Data Encryption & Cryptography Glossary
    A stream cipher is a type of symmetric encryption algorithm. while block ciphers operate on large blocks of data, stream ciphers typically operate on smaller units of plaintext, usually bits.

Cipher, английский
  1. Any method of encrypting text.

  2. N 1 шифр (см. тж. cryptogram); 2 монограмма (син. monogram); 3 арабская цифра; a number of three ~s трёхзначное чис- ло | v шифровать, зашифровывать circle

  3. A text in which symbols or substitutions replace ordinary letters in order to conceal its meaning from those who do not possess the key. see also code, cryptography.

  4. The particular algorithm used to transform a readable message (called plaintext or cleartext) into an unreadable, scrambled, or hidden message (called ciphertext). cipher

Cipher block chaining, английский
    Цепочка цифровых блоков

Cipher block chaining mode (cbc mode), английский
    Cipher block chaining (cbc) is a mode of operation for a block cipher in which a sequence of bits are encrypted as a single unit or block with a cipher key applied to the entire block.

Cipher data, английский
    Зашифрованные данные

Cipher feedback mode (cfb mode), английский
    In the cipher feedback mode (cfb) is data encrypted in units smaller than the block size. this mode can be used to encrypt any number of bits e.g. single bits or single characters (bytes) before sending across an insecure data link.

Cipher i, английский

Cipher ii, английский

Cipher machine; cipher device; cryptograph (esp. one that telegraphs and prints its output), английский

Cipher mode, английский
    The method used to encrypt data. the stream cipher mode encodes data one bit at a time. the block cipher mode encodes data one block at a time. although it tends to execute more slowly than stream cipher, block cipher is more secure.

Cipher suite, английский
    Шифрокомплект; алгоритмы аутентификации, шифрования и контроля целостности данных, используемые для обмена сообщениями между сетевыми узлами

Cipher telephony, английский
    Кодированная телефонная связь

Ciphered, английский

Cipherer, английский

Ciphering, английский
  1. A term in carpentry. (see syphered.)

  2. Шифрование

Ciphering equipment, английский
    Шифровальное оборудование

Ciphering key, английский

Ciphertext, английский
  1. Unreadible text resulting from encryption.

  2. Зашифрованный текст; шифротекст

  3. Data that has been encrypted.

Ciphertext-only attack, английский

Ciphony, английский
    Cipher telephony

Stream, английский
  1. Anglo-saxon for flowing water, meaning especially the middle or most rapid part of a tide or current.

  2. [1] to drop something over the side and tow it (e.g., a paravane). [2] to tow a vessel away from its berth. [3] water flowing in a channel or watercourse. [4] a major ocean current (e.g., gulf stream).

  3. (a) any body of running water that moves under gravity to progressively lower levels, in a relatively narrow but clearly defined channel on the ground surface, in a subterranean cavern, or beneath or in a glacier. it is a mixture of water and dissolved, suspended, or entrained matter. (b) a term used in quantitative geomorphology interchangeably with channel. compare - river. gg

  4. An abstraction of a sequence of bytes, such as a file, an i/o device, an interprocess communication pipe, a tcp/ip socket, or a spooled print job. the relationship between streams and storages in a compound file is similar to that of files and folders.

  5. Chronological list of posts to monitor that match user-defined criteria.

  6. Digital media that is delivered in a continuous flow across a network.

  7. Packets delivered by a windows media server that are consumed by clients without caching. for a web server with smooth streaming installed, the experience is similar, except that the data can be cached by clients, though this can be prevented by applying cache control header directives in the smooth streaming feature.

  8. The flow of data from a source to a single receiver that flows through a channel, as opposed to packets, which may be addressed and routed independently, possibly to multiple recipients.

  9. To transfer digital data in a continuous flow across a network.

Stream analytics, английский
    A highly scalable event-processing engine that helps uncover realtime insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure, applications and data.

Encryption, английский
  1. The process of transforming text into an unintelligible form called cipher.

  2. A method of encoding data for security.

  3. Защита сообщения от неправомочного прочтения, основанная на преобразовании его в шифрованный текст. расшифровать этот текст, т.е. восстановить исходное сообщение, можно только с помощью ключа, использовавшегося при его шифровании

  4. The rearrangement of the bit stream of a previously digitally encoded signal in a

  5. An encoder electronically alters a signal so that it can be clearly seen only by recipients who have a decoder to reverse encryption. selective addressability/scrambling designates receivers to descramble a signal. each decoder has a unique address.

  6. The rearrangement of the bit stream of a previously digitally encoded signal in a systematic fashion to make the information unrecognizable until restored on receipt of the necessary authorization key. this technique is used for securing information transmitted over a communication channel with the intent of excluding all other than authorized receivers from interpreting the message. can be used for voice, video and other communications signals.

  7. Encryption is a process by which a document (plaintext) is combined with a shorter string of data, called a key (eg. ), to produce an output (ciphertext) which can be "decrypted" back into the original plaintext by someone else who has the key, but which is incomprehensible and computationally infeasible to decrypt for anyone who does not have the key.

  8. Шифрование

  9. The process of converting readable data (plaintext) into a coded form (ciphertext) to prevent it from being read by an unauthorized party.

Storage encryption, английский
    Backup data stored is encrypted in an effort to prevent data theft and secure the kept data.

Secure key management, английский
    Trusted users are issued a key which enables them to access encrypted data.