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Land base

Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
    Acres of forest land that are actually available for forest management. this involves future trends not only in forest growth but also in deletions from the land base (10).

Base, испанский

Base, английский
  1. (adj) something good. use base instead of cool. example a just got the new radiohead album. b. base.

  2. Manager`s notice уведомление начальника базы

  3. База; основание

  4. A material which neutralizes acids. an oil additive containing colloidally dispersed metal carbonate, used to reduce corrosive wear.

  5. 1. the bottom part  the base of the spine  base of the brain the bottom surface of the cerebrum 2. the main ingredient of an ointment, as opposed to the active ingredient 3. a substance which reacts with an acid to form a salt  verb to use something as a base  cream based on zinc oxide cream which uses zinc oxide as a base basedow’s disease basedow’s disease / bz?d??z d?zi z/

  6. Base

  7. N база | a базовый component, derivation, marker, rule, string articulation ~ артикуляционная база (син. basis of articulation)

  8. The breech of a gun. also, the lowest part of the perimeter of a geometrical figure. when applied to a delta it is that edge of it which is washed by the sea, or recipient of the deltic branches. also, the lowest part of a mountain or chain of mountains. also, the level line on which any work stands, as the foot of a pillar. also, an

  9. Сеть с непосредственной передачей; сеть с немодулированной передачей 10base-2 стандарт ethernet 10base2 (10 мбит/с); 10-мбит/c реализация стандарта ieee 802.3

  10. Foundation or supporting structure on which a drill is mounted.

  11. The point or line from which a start is made. as used by drillers, a line of stakes set by an engineer or drill foreman to be used as a guide to line up and point the drill in a specific compass direction.

  12. The minimum price used as a basis for determin ing the total cost when drilling is done on contract. 4. the most abundant metal in an alloy.

Base, английский

Base, английский

Base, русский
    Нижняя граница облаков

Base, английский

Base, итальянский
    Nel mercato dei futures, viene definita basis la differenza esistente tra il prezzo di un titolo a pronti e il prezzo del future sullo stesso titolo. con l`avvicinarsi alla scadenza del contratto future diminuira progressivamente, fino ad annullarsi compl

Base activation notice, английский
    Извещение о вводе базы в действие b&gr bombing and gunnery range бомбардировочно-стрелковый полигон 115 b&p brooks and perkins фирма «брукс энд перкинс» b&s beams and stringers лонжероны и стрингеры b&s boosters and sustainers разгонные и маршевые двигатели b&s brown and sharpe gauge американская система классификации сечений проводов «браун энд шарп» b&w babcock and wilcox (company) фирма «бэбкок и уилкокс компани» b&w black and white черно-белый

Base address, английский

Base air defense ground environment, английский
    Наземная радиолокационная система управления средствами пво авиационных баз «бэйдж»; яп базовая система пво «бейдж»

Base air depot, английский
    Базовый авиационный склад

Base air depot area, английский
    Район базового авиационного склада

Base airport, английский

Base anchor, английский
    The metal piece attached to the base of a doorframe for the purpose of securing the frame to the floor; either fixed or adjustable.

Base anchor. base coat 1. all plaster applied before the finish coat; may be a single coat or a scratch coat and a brown coat. 2. the first coat applied to a surface, as paint; a prime coat. 3. an initial coat applied to a wood surface before staining or, английский

Base anchor. floor arch 1. a flat concrete slab supported by beams. 2. an arch which has a flat extrados., английский

Base and displacement, английский

Base annuale, итальянский
    Procedimento matematico-statistico per mezzo del quale si riferisce una grandezza all`anno, per esempio un tasso d`interesse, pagabile a cadenza trimestrale.

Base area, английский
    Базовая область; база

Base assembly and test equipment, английский
    Сборочно-испытательное оборудование (авиационной) базы

Base assertion, английский

Management, английский
  1. Управление; руководство

  2. Управление, руководство

  3. 1) управление, руководство 2) администрация

  4. 1. the organising or running of an organisation such as a hospital, clinic or health authority 2. the organisation of a series of different treatments for a person

  5. Управление (деятельностью программы, организации)

  6. Лечение. в контексте клинических исследований слово «management» («управление») может иметь значение «лечение». например, diabetes management - лечение диабета. встречающийся термин: ведение

Spacing control, английский
    Act of creating, within the limits of the existing stand, a uniform distribution of trees that provides optimum growing space for each tree by eliminating overcrowding. as a result, tree diameter growth is increased and the time required for the forest to

Crook, английский
  1. Abrupt bend in a tree or log (24).

  2. The distortion of lumber in which there is a deviation,