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Residual value

Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
  1. Actual or assumed value of a machine after it has been fully depreciated (20).

  2. Остаточная стоимость

Остаточная стоимость, русский

Valore residuo, итальянский
    E il valore di mercato di un bene alla fine di un`operazione finanziaria che ne aveva finanziato l`acquisto. e anche il valore di un bene che e stato interamente ammortizzato lungo il periodo del suo utilizzo.

Ликвидационная стоимость, русский
    Выручка от реализации оставшихся после ликвидации объектов основных фондов, годных строительных материалов, отдельных узлов и деталей, металлического лома и др. л.с. определяется по ликвидированным основным фондам, непригодным для дальнейшей эксплуатации

Residual, английский
  1. The difference between a datum and the value predicted for it by a model. in linear regression of a variable plotted on the vertical axis onto a variable plotted on the horizontal axis, a residual is the "vertical" distance from a datum to the line. residuals can be positive (if the datum is above the line) or negative (if the datum is below the line). plots of residuals can reveal computational errors in linear regression, as well as conditions under which linear regression is inappropriate, such as nonlinearity and heteroscedasticity. if linear regression is performed properly, the sum of the residuals from the regression line must be zero; otherwise, there is a computational error somewhere.

  2. “the difference between a given data point and its predicted value.” [clsi]

  3. Остаточный; невыраба- тьгваемый (о топливе)

  4. Остаточный; невыра- батываемый (о топливе)

  5. In optical design, the aberrations that remain after the design has been optimized.

Residual (остаточный транш), русский
    Последний (самый младший) транш в структурированном финансовом инструменте. остаточный транш представляет собой совокупность денежных поступлений, которые остаются после выполнения всех обязательств по всем старшим траншам. основным источником дохода по о

Residual air, английский
    Air left in the lungs after a person has breathed out as much air as possible

Residual bit error ratio, английский

Residual capacitive voltage, английский

Residual claim on total assets, английский

Residual confounding, английский

Residual current, английский

Residual current device, английский

Residual deflection, английский
    A deflection resulting from an applied load which remains after the removal of the load.

Residual deflection., английский

Residual deformation, английский
    The nonreversible deformation that remains in hardened concrete after a sustained load has been removed.

Residual dirt capacity, английский
    The dirt capacity remaining in a service loaded filter element after use, but before cleaning, measured under the same conditions as the dirt capacity of a new filter element.

Residual disclosure, английский
    Disclosure that occurs by combining released information with previously released or publicly available information. for example, tables for nonoverlapping areas can be subtracted from a larger region, leaving confidential residual information for small a

Residual echo level, английский

Residual echo level (lres), английский

Residual error probability, английский

Residual error rate, английский

Residual error rate for dt messages, английский

Residual error ratio, английский

Residual excited linear prediction, английский

Stand age, английский
  1. Age of trees of the dominant forest type and stand-size class.

  2. Land classification

Net scale, английский
    Actual amount of merchantable wood contained in a log as opposed to the gross scale, which includes defect (9).