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Whole tree

Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
    All components of a tree, except the stump. also known as a full tree.

Tree, английский
  1. A plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk, ordinarily growing to a considerable height, and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground

  2. Woody plant that usually grows to at least 20 feet in height at maturity, typically having a single trunk with no branches within 3 feet of the ground (11).

  3. A network architecture in which transmission routes branch out from a central point.

Tree, английский

Tree, английский

Tree belt, английский
    A strip between the sidewalk and curb of a road, planted with grass and sometimes with shade trees. tree-dozer an attachment for the front of a tractor consisting of metal bars and a cutting blade; used in clearing land of small trees, bushes, and the like.

Tree cap, английский
    Колпак фонтанной арматуры

Tree coded multiple access, английский
    ^огостанциовдый доступ с древовидным кодированием см. csss

Tree farm, английский
    Parcel of land on which trees are planted, cultured, managed, and harvested as a crop (12). also, privately owned, managed forest area that has been certified as a tree farm by the american forest institute (17).

Tree farming, английский
    Application of silvicultural practices for the perpetual production of commercial timber crops. includes all activities from stand establishment through delivery of commercial timber (logs) to a log yard at the initial commercial product processing facili

Tree grate, английский
    Surrounding a tree trunk set in pavement, a metal grille which is flush with the pavement.

Tree hugger, английский

Tree length, английский
    Entire tree, excluding the unmerchantable top and limbs (24).

Tree line, английский

Tree shoe, английский
    Device in the shape of a segment of a circle used to support the skyline from a spar tree (22).

Tree-fitty, английский
    Three-fifty, south park style. example i paid tree-fitty for that game.

Tree-length logging, английский
    Felling and transporting the trimmed bole in one piece, whenever possible, for crosscutting at a landing or mill (26).

Tree-like, английский

Tree-rat, английский
    Another name for squirrel. example that tree-rat is like his ex, picking up one nut after another and discarding it.

Tree-ring segregation, английский
    Сегрегация (ликвация) типа годовых колец

Treed system, английский

Treeing, английский
    In the arctic regions, refraction sometimes causes the ice to resemble a huge wall, which is considered an indication of open water in that quarter.

Treeless, английский

Components, английский

Clearcutting, английский
    All merchantable trees on a setting to be yarded are felled (22).

Pacific coast states, английский
    Alaska, washington, oregon, california, and hawaii (10).