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Logging setting

Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
    Area to be logged; a block or strip.

Logged, английский
  1. Entered in the log. a very serious punishment, not long disused, as a mark of disgrace, by recording the omissions of an officer. it may yet be demanded if arrest ensues.

  2. When a ship is on her beam ends, or in that state in which she is unmanageable at sea. (see water-logged.)

Logged data, английский
    Регистрируемые данные logged-in object зарегистрированный объект logged-on time время сеанса; продолжительность сеанса

Logged flight hours see also flying hours, английский

Loggedoff, английский

Logger, английский
  1. Device for recording digitised data.

  2. A person employed in the production of logs and/or wood from standing timber. also known as a lumberjack (24).

Loggerhead, английский
  1. An iron ball attached to a long handle, used for driving caulking into seams and (occasionally) in a fight. hence: `at loggerheads`.

  2. [1] in the 15th and 16th centuries, a loggerhead was a big long-handled ladle used for scalding a grappled enemy by pouring hot oil, tar, or water from caldrons set up on deck and heated to boiling point in sand-filled brick pits. [2] later, the name was applied to a caulking tool consisting of a long iron rod with a ball at the end. the latter was heated until red and then plunged into pitch to soften it. [3] an alternate name for bar shot. [4] a wooden fixture at the stem of a rowing whaleboat around which the harpoon line was controlled. [5] an endangered species of sea turtle. (see also at loggerheads.)

Loggerhead, o, английский
    Logger-heat. a round ball of iron attached to a long handle with a hook at the end of it. it heats tar by being made hot in the fire, and then plunged into the tar-bucket. it was also used to pound cocoa before chocolate was supplied. also, an upright rounded piece of wood, near the stern of a whale-boat, for catching a turn of the line to. also, a name given to a well-known turtle, chelonia caouana, from its having a great head; it is sometimes called the whooper or whapper. (see turtle.)

Loggia, французский

Loggia, английский
    An arcaded or colonnaded porch or gallery attached to or contained within a larger structure; usually located in a prominent part of the building; open on at least one side to provide a protected outdoor sitting area, sometimes contains an upper story. (

Logging, английский
  1. Involves logging the time code of footage. ideally, it should be logged before and after the camera is recording each take

  2. Регистрация

  3. Протоколирование; сбор данных; регистрация; запись

Logging, английский
    Involves logging the time code of footage. ideally, it should be logged before and after the camera is recording each take

Logging, английский

Logging (of crf), английский
    Учет индивидуальных регистрационных карт. регистрация заполненных индивидуальных регистрационных карт, полученных от исследователя.

Logging adapter, английский
    Подвеска отклоняющего блока каротажного кабеля (позволяет использовать компенсатор бурильной колонны при спуске каротажного кабеля)

Logging in, английский
    Регистрация в системе

Logging of message, английский
    Занесение сообщения в журнал; регистрация сообщения

Logging off, английский
    Выход из системы

Logging on to drive, английский
    Переход на другой диск

Logging plan, английский
    As used in the eastern and western regions: layout, on a topographical map, of roads, landings, and setting boundaries of a logging area.

Logging residues, английский
    Unused portions of pole timber and sawtimber trees killed by land clearing, cultural operations, or timber harvesting (31).

Planting, английский
  1. Artificial regeneration method in which a new stand of trees is established by restocking the area with tree seedlings.

  2. Floral décor to enhance the appearance of the exhibition.

  3. In masonry, laying the first courses of a foundation on a level bed.

Seedbed, английский
    Area prepared to receive seeds, such as an area cleared of plants and duff, so that natural seed fall can establish a new forest (17).