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Overstory trees

Glossary of Terms Used in Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering
    Bees that form the uppermost canopy layer in a forest of more than one story (20).

Overstory, английский
    Layer of foliage in a forest canopy including the trees in a timber stand. tall mature trees that rise above the shorter immature understory trees (9).

Overstory removal, английский
    Any silvicultural treatment with the desired end result being the removal of the overstory component from the growing stock of a multistoried stand. examples are outright harvest, girdling, and simply felling the overstory (17).

Tre, шведский

Tre, итальянский

Tre, английский
  1. Topaz ranch estates (nevada)

  2. Toxicity reduction evaluation

Trečiadienis, литовский

Trečias (trečia), литовский

Tre-cars, английский
    Two-photon raman excitation

Trea, шведский

Treacher collins syndrome, английский
    A hereditary disorder in which the lower jaw, the cheek bones, and the ear are not fully developed

Treachery, английский

Treacle, английский

Treacle molding, английский
    A rounded molding or nosing that is deeply undercut, upward to a groove that acts as a drip to discharge rainwater.

Tread, английский
  1. The region of a tire designed to contact the ground. it is molded of tough rubber for high traction and low wear.

  2. The horizontal platform of a stair.

  3. The walking surface board in a stairway on which the foot is placed.

  4. The horizontal surface of a step; often has a rounded edge that extends beyond the upright face of the riser below it.

Tread (trod, trodden), английский

Tread length, английский
    The dimension of a tread measured perpendicular to the normal line of travel on a stair.

Tread of a ship or keel, английский
    The length of her keel.

Tread pattern, английский
    The arrangement of blocks, grooves, sipes, and channels designed into the tread to enhance its grip. also called the tread design.

Tread plate, английский
    A floor plate which is fabricated of metal, e.g., aluminum.

Tread return, английский
    In an open stair, the continuation of the horizontal rounded edge of the tread, beyond the stair stringer. tredyl 1013 tread return

Kg blade, английский
    Blade on a crawler used to clear unwanted vegetation in preparation for planting tree seedlings (17).

Junkbutt, английский
    Badly splintered end of a felled tree that has been cut back to sound wood (12).