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  1. Detach

  2. Detached

  3. Detachment

  4. Detail

  5. Detector

  6. Detent

  7. Detonator

  8. Detention (see damfordet)

  9. Таблица элементов каталога; таблица записей каталога

Dual edge triggering, английский

Тревога по первому импульсу любой полярности, русский

Determiner, английский
    N определитель, детерми- натор1 phrase demonstrative ~ указательный определитель2 determining a предопределяющий

Detach, английский
  1. Remove loco or wagon from train en route for eg mechanical defect, load adjust, shunt movement, etc.

  2. Выделять; откомандировывать

  3. Отделять; отключать; отсоединять; разъединять

Detached, английский
  1. Неприсоединенный (о скачке уплотнения)

  2. Разъединенный; отсоединенный; отделенный

  3. On detached service. a squadron may be detached under a commodore or senior officer.

  4. [1] a ship is detached from its fleet or station when assigned elsewhere. [2] in the usn, an officer is detached when ordered away from a ship or unit (enlisted personnel are assigned or transferred). [3] in the rn, the term refers to a person assigned to serve temporarily in another ship or unit while retaining attachment to the regular ship or unit.

Detachment, английский
  1. A stylistic device based on singling out a secondary member of the sentence with the help of punctuation (intonation) (v.a.k.) i have to beg you nearly killed, ingloriously, in a jeep accident. (i.shaw) i have to beg you for money. daily.

  2. Отряд; отдельное подразделение

  3. A force detached from the main body for employment on any particular service.

  4. A group or unit separated from a larger force for a specific assignment or operation.

  5. Разъединение; разделение; отсоединение; отрыв; отделение

Detail, английский
  1. Деталь

  2. [1] a person or (usually small) group assigned to a specific task. [2] to issue orders appointing such a group.

Detector, английский
  1. A general term applied to parts of instruments which are designed to detect ionising radiation . ionising radiations interact with the detector, the detector converts this interaction into a signal which can be amplified and interpreted by other devices.

  2. Детектор; датчик-измеритель; чувствительный элемент

  3. A device such a photodiode or photodetector that converts optical energy into electrical energy. they can be made from silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium gallium arsenide or from other semiconductors, depending on the wavelengths to detect. the positive-intrinsic-negative (pin) and the avalanche photodiode (apd) types are used in fiber optics. pin types can be used for analog or digital systems, while apds with their internal amplification can only be used in digital systems

  4. A device that generates an electrical signal when illuminated by light. the most common fiber-optic detectors are photodiodes.

  5. Детектор, датчик

Detent, английский
  1. Фиксируемое положение (рычага управления); фиксатор; защелка

  2. Защелка; фиксатор

  3. Защёлка; упор; стопор; фиксатор ball ~ шариковая защёлка (двери)

Detonator, английский
  1. A device that explodes on impact, used to attract the attention of drivers and track vehicle operators.

  2. Детонатор

  3. A blasting cap, electric blasting cap, electric-delay blasting cap, or nonelectric-delay blasting cap.

Detention (see damfordet), английский

Задержка (см. компенсация за задержку судна), русский

Directory entry table, английский
    Таблица элементов каталогов; таблица записей каталога

Dual edge triggering, английский

Direct drive, английский
  1. Said of a reciprocating engine connected directly to the propeller shaft without gearing. with this arrangement, engine and propeller revolutions are the same.

  2. Прямой привод directedориентированный; направленный