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Польские имена ‒ какие они?

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Глоссарий по системам видеоохраны и видеонаблюдения

    Head, английский
    1. That part of the rail which provides a running and guiding surface for the wheel. also referred to as ball.

    2. The upper part of the body in humans, joined to the trunk by the neck, containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth

    3. 1) джазовая импровизация, хорошо известная ее участникам; 2) наркоман; 3) оральный секс (тж. blow job); 4) уборная.

    4. An end closure for the filter case or bowl which contains one or more ports.

    5. Головка; напор

    6. Heading

    7. 1. the forwardmost or uppermost portion of the ship.

    8. Голова; туалет

    9. An enlargement or catch basin to receive rainwater from the gutter at the top of a leader. lead wool applied as caulking leaf 1. a hinged part; a separately movable division of a folding or sliding door. 2. one of a pair of doors or windows. 3. one of the two halves of a cavity wall. leaf and dart, heart and dart in greek architecture and derivatives, a pattern of alternating, conventionalized, deltoid and lanceolate leaves, usually applied to a cyma reversa. prevent the penetration of x-ray radiation; always used with lead-lined doors.

    10. 1. the round top part of the body, which contains the eyes, nose, mouth, brain, etc (note: for other terms referring to the head, see words beginning with cephal-, cephalo-.) 2. a rounded top part of a bone which fits into a socket  head of humerus  head of femur

    11. N вершина, «хозяин» (конструкции ); главная составляющая, глава (в грамматиче- ском смысле )

    12. Гальюн - туалет на судне

    13. Фаловый (верхний) угол паруса

    14. Фаловый угол; гальюн; напор

    15. The upper part or end of anything, as a mast-head, a timber-head. also, an ornamental figure on a ship`s stem expressive of her name, or emblematical of her object, &c. (see billet-head, bust-head, family-head, fiddle-head, figure-head, scroll-head, &c.) also, in a more enlarged sense, the whole fore-part of a ship, including the bows on each side; the head therefore opens the column of water through which the ship passes when advancing; hence we say, head-way, head-

    16. [1] the upper edge of a sail or mast. [2] the stem of a ship. [3] usn slang for a ship’s toilet (see also heads). [4] when hyphenated or conjoined, the top of something (e.g., head-gasket, beakhead, masthead, etc.). [5] to move towards something.

    17. Variously used as a synonym for core-barrel head, drill head, swivel head.

    18. Same as hydraulic head 1 and 2.

    Nvr(network video recording, английский

    Видеовход с большим входным сопротивлением (без согласующего резистора 75 ом), русский