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01 февраля, 2023

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01 февраля, 2023

Publication in the Journal of Russian & East European Psychology

25 января, 2023

Post optimization for VKontakte and Telegram

21 января, 2023

Site localization and Open Graph (OG) markup protocol for social media

11 января, 2023

Tips for writing headings and choosing a title for an article

09 января, 2023

Preparing a publication for journals: Research involving cells and plants

09 декабря, 2022

Creating the article title

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Construction glossary
  1. The process of calculating the cost of a project. this can be a formal and exact process or a quick and imprecise process.

  2. Составление сметы

Calculating, английский
    Расчёт; подсчёт, вычисление; исчисление о ~ earthworks by

Составление, русский

Taping, английский
  1. The process of covering drywall joints with paper tape and joint compound.

  2. Measuring distance on the ground with a tape or chain.

Bidding requirements, английский
  1. The procedures and conditions for the submission of bids. the requirements are included ion documents, such as the notice to bidders, advertisements for bids, instructions to bidders, invitations to bid, and sample bid forms.

  2. Those documents providing information and establishing procedures and conditions for the submission of bids. they consist of the notice to bidders or advertisement for bids, instructions to bidders, invitation to bid, and sample forms. also