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Wire and Cable Glossary
  1. A substance which prevents or slows down oxygen decomposition of a material.

  2. A substance which makes oxygen less damaging, e.g. in the body or in foods or plastics  antioxidant vitamins

Decomposition, английский
  1. Расшивание (сетевого графика)

  2. The process where dead matter is rotted by the action of bacteria or fungi

  3. N декомпозиция, разложение (ант. composition) lexical ~ лексическая декомпозиция

  4. Декомпозиция; разложение; разбиение

Antiozonant, английский
    A substance which prevents or slows down material degradation due to ozone reaction.

Anneal, английский
  1. To subject to heat with subsequent cooling. when annealing copper; the act of softening the metal by means of heat to render it less brittle.

  2. Отжиг