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Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Wire and Cable Glossary
    A substance which prevents or slows down material degradation due to ozone reaction.

Degradation, английский
  1. Dégradation

  2. The progressive failure of a machine or lubricant.

  3. Disintegration of a paint film by heat, moisture, sunlight, or natural causes.

Armor, английский
  1. Mechanical protection usually accomplished by a metallic layer of tape, braid or served wires. normally found only over the outer sheath.

  2. A protective layer, usually metal, wrapped around a cable.

Antioxidant, английский
  1. A substance which prevents or slows down oxygen decomposition of a material.

  2. A substance which makes oxygen less damaging, e.g. in the body or in foods or plastics  antioxidant vitamins