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11 марта, 2019

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10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

29 января, 2019

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Armored cable

Wire and Cable Glossary
  1. A cable provided with a wrapping of metal, usually steel wires, flat tapes, or interlocked tapes, primarily for the purpose of mechanical protection.

  2. Coaxial cable that can be direct buried without protective conduit, or used in underwater applications.

Interlocked, английский
  1. Interconnected components of signalling and signal systems, with or without points or crossings, designed so that no conflicting movements can be signalled.

  2. Two or more components, members, or items of equipment which are arranged mechanically or electrically to operate or to be placed in some specific relationship with each other. interlocked grain, twisted grain wood in which the fibers are angled in different directions every few annual rings; produces ribbonstripe grain when quartersawn. interlocking joint 1. a form of joggle in which a rib or other protrusion on one stone complements a routed groove or slot on another; prevents relative displacement. 2. a joint formed between sheet-metal parts by engaging their edges which have been preformed to provide a continuous locked splice.

Mechanical, английский

Protection, английский
  1. Охрана; защита см. coverage

  2. Охрана; защита

  3. 1. the act of keeping a person or thing safe from harm 2. something which protects  children are vaccinated as a protection against disease. protection of children act 1999 protection of children act 1999 /pr? tek??n ?v t??ldr?n kt/

  4. Protección

  5. Предохранение

  6. Formerly, a certificate giving exemption from impressment.

  7. Защита; средства защиты

Protective, английский

Underwater, английский
  1. Подводный

  2. Below the surface, submerged.

B&s gage, английский
    Brown and sharpe wire gage used for copper conductor (same as american wire gage).

Armor, английский
  1. Mechanical protection usually accomplished by a metallic layer of tape, braid or served wires. normally found only over the outer sheath.

  2. A protective layer, usually metal, wrapped around a cable.

  3. Protective material for ships, aircraft, vehicles, or personnel.