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Butt wrap

Wire and Cable Glossary
    Tape wrapped in an edge to edge manner with no overlapping between adjacent turns.

Butt, английский
  1. Base of a tree.

  2. The handle or grip end of the cue

  3. Бочка объемом около 110 галлонов (около 500 литров)

  4. The joining of two timbers or planks endways. also, the opening between the ends of two planks when worked. also, the extremities of the planks themselves when they are united, or abut against each other. the word likewise is used to denote the largest end of all timber. planks under water as they rise are joined one end to another. in large ships butt-ends are most carefully bolted, for if any one of them should spring, or give way, the leak would be very dangerous and difficult to stop.—to start or spring a butt is to loosen the end of a plank by the ship`s weakness or labouring.— butt-heads are the same with butt-ends.—butt is also a mark for shooting at, and the hind part of a musket or pistol. also, a wine-measure of 126 gallons.

  5. [1] a large cask or barrel. [2] the squared-off end of a plank. [3] the bottom of a mast.

Butt and break, английский
    The staggering of butt-lath joints on framing members to add greater strength to a wall and to reduce plaster cracking. butt-and-miter joint a carpentry joint having a butt on the top half of the face and a miter on the lower half.

Butt block, английский
    In a timber truss, a wood block added to a compression joint.

Butt casement hinge, английский
    A type of butt hinge commonly used on casement sashes.

Butt chisel, английский
    A wood chisel with a short blade, esp. used for setting hardware on doors and doorframes. bushhammer finish 156 butt chisel

Butt cleat, английский

Butt cut, английский
    Butt log (8)

Butt edge, английский
    The lower edge of the shingle tabs.

Butt end, английский
    The thicker end of a timber, handle, etc. butt-end treatment a technique of preserving timber posts by soaking the ends (which may be exposed to soil and/or water) in woodpreservative chemicals such as creosote or pentachlorophenol dissolved in a fluid such as diesel fuel oil. butter 1. to smooth on plastic roofing cement or roofing adhesive with a trowel, as on a flashing. 2. to apply mortar as to a masonry unit, with a trowel.

Butt flaps, английский

Butt fusion, английский
    A method of joining plastic pipe, sheet, or other similar forms of a thermoplastic resin wherein the two ends to be joined are heated to the molten state and then rapidly pressed together to form a homogeneous bond.

Butt fuzz, английский

Butt fuzz, английский

Butt gauge, английский

Butt hinge, английский
    The most common type. one leaf attaches to the door's edge, the other to its jamb.

Butt hook, английский
    Heavy hook on the butt rigging to which chokers are attached. also known as bull hook.

Butt joint, английский
  1. An end joint formed by abutting the squared ends of two pieces.

  2. The junction where the ends of two timbers meet, and also where sheets of drywall meet on the 4 foot edge. to place materials end-to-end or end-to-edge without overlapping.

  3. A splice or connection formed by placing the ends of two conductors together and joining them by welding, brazing or soldering.

Butt line, английский
    Линия стыковки

Butt log, английский
    First log cut above the stump. also known as butt cut (22).

Butt munch, английский

Butt munch, английский

Overlapping, английский
  1. Recouvrement

  2. Совмещение; перекрытие; работа с перекрытием

Cable filler, английский
    The material used in multiple conductor cables to occupy the spaces formed by the assembly of components, thus forming a core of the desired shape.

Bunch stranding, английский
    A method of stranding where a single conductor is formed from any number of wires twisted together in the same direction, such that all strands have the same lay length, but no specific geometric arrangement.