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11 марта, 2019

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Cable filler

Wire and Cable Glossary
    The material used in multiple conductor cables to occupy the spaces formed by the assembly of components, thus forming a core of the desired shape.

Fill, английский
  1. Filler

  2. Filling

  3. Уток

  4. To trim a sail or change course to catch the wind better. filling-room: a lead-lined compartment in a sailing man-o-war, in which powder was broken out to fill cartridges.

Fill, английский

Fill and check valve, английский
    Запра- вочно-запорный (обратный) клапан

Fill and drain valve, английский
    Запра- вочно-сливной клапан

Fill and expansion unit, английский

Fill and stand on, английский
    A signal made after “lying by” to direct the fleet to resume their course.

Fill area, английский

Fill area primitive, английский
    Примитив типа закрашенной области

Fill character, английский

Fill clipping, английский
    Обрезка заливки

Fill color, английский
    Цвет заливки

Fill factor, английский

Fill flash, английский
    Using the flash to lighten shadow areas or just to provide more overall illumination in situations where you normally wouldn`t use the flash. outdoors in bright light you get very stark shadows underneath of people`s noses, chins and etc. toggle the flash setting to forced on or fill and the flash will now fire on every shot. it also gives your human subjects that special little sparkle in their eyes.

Fill fluid, английский

Fill in flash, английский
    See fill in flash

Fill insulation. 2., английский

Fill light, filler, английский
    Fill is used to lighten shadows and control contrast and lighting ratios. tip: avoid hard light fill and over-kill fill*. angle: usually close to the lens, on the side opposite the key. time allowing, try a fill-angle better suited to your subject. quote: i used to light very strictly by ratios because i wanted consistency. . . . now i just fill by eye. i`ve had that much more experience. - john bailey [ml]

Fill light; filler light, английский

Fill lighting, английский
    Supplementary illumination used to reduce shadows or the range of contrasts.

Fill mask, английский
    Маска закраски; трафарет закраски

Fill material, английский

Components, английский

Capacitance (capacity), английский
    That property of a system of conductors and dielectrics which permits the storage of electricity when potential difference exists between the conductors.

Butt wrap, английский
    Tape wrapped in an edge to edge manner with no overlapping between adjacent turns.