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Capacitance (capacity)

Wire and Cable Glossary
    That property of a system of conductors and dielectrics which permits the storage of electricity when potential difference exists between the conductors.

Capacitance, английский
    The quantitative measure of the electric-energy storage capability of a capacitor; usually measured in farads or microfarads (10?6 farads).

Capacitance alarm, английский
    A device which is electrically connected to a protected metal enclosure (such as a safe, vault, file, or security cabinet) so that the enclosure itself becomes part of a balanced-capacitance circuit. a person approaching the protected cabinet unbalances the electrical circuit and activates a security alarm.

Capacitance between a conductor and earth, английский

Capacitance between conductors, английский

Capacitance electronic disk, английский
    Емкостной электронный диск; цифровая грампластинка с емкостным звукоснимателем

Capacitance level gauge, английский
    Емкостный уровнемер

Capacitance moisture - a meter that measures the varying capacitance of wood with changing moisture content using a radio frequency oscillator. they measure the amount of water per unit volume in the wood., английский

Capacitance per unit length, английский
    Емкость на единицу длины capacitive coupling емкостная связь capacitive load емкостная нагрузка

Electricity, английский

Difference, английский
  1. Disagreement, inequity, contrast, dissimilarity, incompatibility

  2. Разница; разность

  3. An important army term, meaning firstly the sum to be paid by officers when exchanging from the half to full pay; and, secondly, the price or difference in value of the several commissions.

Dielectric, английский
  1. An insulating (non-conductive) material. found between the inner core and outer shield of a co-axial cable.

  2. Материал, не проводящий электрический ток. используется для изготовления оптоволоконных кабелей, не подвергается воздействию электрических и электромагнитных полей (в том числе и полей большой мощности)

  3. A nonconductor of direct electric current.

  4. An insulating (nonconductive) material.

  5. A non-conductive insulator material between the center conductor and shield of coaxial cable. the dielectric constant determines the propagation velocity.

Capacitive coupling, английский
    Electrical interaction between two conductors caused by the capacitance between them.

Cable filler, английский
    The material used in multiple conductor cables to occupy the spaces formed by the assembly of components, thus forming a core of the desired shape.