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Capacitive coupling

Wire and Cable Glossary
    Electrical interaction between two conductors caused by the capacitance between them.

Capacitive, английский

Capacitive current, английский

Capacitive decoupling, английский
    Емкостная развязка

Capacitive feedback, английский

Capacitive load, английский

Capacitive positional sensor, английский
    Датчик измерения малых перемещений

Capacitive potential divider, английский

Capacitive reactance, английский

Capacitive residual current, английский

Capacitive sensing system, английский

Capacitive sensor, английский
    Емкостной датчик; емкостной сенсор

Capacitive susceptance, английский

Couplant, английский

Couple, английский
  1. Пара сил

  2. Two equal and opposite parallel forces, with different lines of action, tending to produce rotation of a body; their moment equals the product of the magnitude of one of the forces and the perpendicular distance between them. couple-close, close couple a pair of opposite rafters which are connected by a collar beam or tie beam and are tied together at the apex.

Couple (to), английский

Couple, coupler, английский
    Device for coupling the bottom corner casting when joining two 20` containers into a single 40` unit - `twin twenties`. c/p charter party

Couple, to, английский
    To bend two hawsers together; coupling links of a cable; coupling shackles.

Couple-close. close-coupled tank and bowl a flush tank which is separate from, but attached to, a toilet bowl., английский

Coupled, английский
  1. См. long coupled, short coupled

  2. Связанный

  3. Связанный; спаренный

Coupled arcade, английский
    An arcade supported on coupled columns.

Electrical, английский

Interaction, английский
  1. An effect which two or more substances such as drugs have on each other

  2. Взаимодействие

  3. N взаимодействие; talk-in-~ речь-во-взаимодействии level intercepted a прерванный intercultural a межкультурный (син. crosscultural) communication, relation

  4. Взаимодействие inter-agency coordinating committee (icc)

  5. Взаимодействие. см. drug interaction.

  6. Взаимодействие; взаимосвязь; интеракция; обмен информацией

Capacitance, английский
    The quantitative measure of the electric-energy storage capability of a capacitor; usually measured in farads or microfarads (10?6 farads).

Capillary action, английский
    The phenomenon of liquid rising in a small interstice due to surface tension.

Capacitance (capacity), английский
    That property of a system of conductors and dielectrics which permits the storage of electricity when potential difference exists between the conductors.