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Charging current

Wire and Cable Glossary
    The current produced when a dc voltage is first applied to conductors of an unterminated cable. it is caused by the capacitive reactance of the cable, and decreases exponentially with time.

Chargé des méthodes, французский

Charge, английский
  1. In criminal law, each thing the defendant is accused of. (see count)

  2. The amount of refrigerant in a system.

  3. Заряд; заправка; загрузка

  4. Заряд

  5. To run into an opponent; legal if done from the front or side of the ball carrier; illegal against a player without the ball or from behind.

  6. The quantity of refrigerant in a refrigeration system.

Charge, английский

Charge (a), английский
    Charge (une)

Charge (a), английский

Charge (cost), английский

Charge (la);enfournement;lit de, французский

Charge (of capacitors or batteries), английский

Charge (une), французский

Charge admissible, французский

Charge axiale / sur essieu, французский

Charge corotron, английский

Charge coupled device, английский
    Прибор с зарядовой связью, пзс

Charge coverage coefficient, английский

Charge de calcul, французский

Charge de la preuve, французский

Charge de rupture, французский

Charge feedback, английский

Charge indicator, английский

Charge information message, английский

Charge information message (crg), английский

Unterminated, английский
    Video input of apiece of equipment, wired so as to allow the video signal to be fed to further equipment. does not necessarily include extra sockets for the extra cables.

Capacitive, английский

Exponentially, английский

Exponential, английский
    A надстроенный sound

Chlorinated polyethylene (cpe), английский
    A synthetic rubber jacketing compound.

Capillary action, английский
    The phenomenon of liquid rising in a small interstice due to surface tension.