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Color code

Wire and Cable Glossary
  1. A color system for circuit identification by use of solid colors tracers, braids surface printing, etc.

  2. A color system for circuit identification by use of solid colors, contrasting stripes, tracers, braids, surface markings, etc., as determined by the tia-598 standard

  3. A system of colors adopted for identification of pipes, cables, wiring, or the like.

Code, немецкий

Code, английский
  1. The law created by statutes. for example, the california code of civil procedure, california civil code, california vehicle code, california penal code, and california health and safety code

  2. Код; шифр

  3. 1. a system of numbers, letters or symbols used to represent language or information 2. same as genetic code  verb 1. to convert instructions or data into another form 2. (of a codon or gene) to provide the genetic information which causes a specific amino acid to be produced  genes are sections of dna that code for a specific protein sequence.

  4. N код, азбука | v шифровать по ко- ду, кодировать switching dot-and-dash ~, morse ~ азбука морзе

  5. [1] a systematic collection of laws. [2] a text in which whole words or phrases (rather than individual letters) have been substituted in order to conceal its meaning from those who do not possess the key. see also cipher, cryptography.

Code, английский

Code character, английский

Code combination, английский

Code conversion, английский

Code converter, английский

Code dependent channel, английский

Code division, английский

Code division multiple access, английский
    Множественный доступ с кодовым разделением (каналов)

Code division multiple user communication, английский
    Связь с кодовым уплотнением сигналов, передаваемых многими абонентами

Code element, английский

Code extension, английский

Code extension announcers, английский

Code flag, английский
  1. Сигнальный флаг, флаг свода

  2. A red-and-white striped pennant used to signal that international code (table 8) will be used for the subsequent message.

Code i, английский

Code ii, английский

Code in terna- tional maritime dangerous goods code, английский
    Международный код по морским перевозкам опасных грузов

Code independent channel, английский

Code lists, английский

Code loop correlator, английский
    Коррелятор контура слежения за кодом

Identification, английский
  1. Identification is the association of a particular record within a set of data with a particular population unit.

  2. Опознавание

  3. Идентификация; отбор необходимой информации для обработки; выбор массивов (документы оон)

  4. The act of discovering or stating who someone is or what something is  identification with someone the act of associating with and unconsciously taking on the viewpoints and behaviours of one or more other people

  5. Идентификация определение, установление возбудителя.

Determined, английский
    A предопределённый

Compact round conductor, английский
    A conductor constructed with a central core surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires and formed into final shape by rolling, drawing, or other means.

Cold work, английский
    The hardening and embrittlement of metal by repeated flexing action.