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11 марта, 2019

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Wire and Cable Glossary
  1. In a wire or cable, the measurement of the location of the center of the conductor with respect to the geometric center of the circular insulation.

  2. The measurement of how well-centered the core is within the cladding.

  3. Conformance to a common center as, for example, the inner and outer walls of round tube.

Concentricidad, испанский

Measurement, английский
  1. Set of operations having the object of determining a value of a quantity (1)

  2. Измерение. система мер.

  3. Измерение; замер

  4. The size, length, etc. of something which has been measured

  5. Измерение

  6. Обмер

  7. Оценка

Insulation, английский
  1. Material which offers extremely high resistance to the passage of current.

  2. Any material high in resistance to heat transmission that, when placed in the walls, ceiling, or floors of a structure, and will reduce the rate of heat flow.

  3. Any material that slows down the transfer of heat.

  4. Any material that reduces the speed of heat transfer

  5. Изоляция

  6. A material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. often called a dielectric.

  7. Изоляция; материал, используемый для изоляции холодильника (морозильника, термоконтейнера и т.п.) integrated disease surveillance (ids)

  8. Изоляция; материал, используемый для изоляции холодильника (морозильника, термоконтейнера и т.п.)

Conformance, английский
    Согласование; соответствие

Conductor core, английский
    The center strand or member about which one of more layers of wires or members are laid helically to form a concentriclay or ropelay conductor.

Concentric stranding, английский
    A method of stranding, wherein a single conductor is formed from a central wire surrounded by one or more layers of helically layed wires. each layer is applied with an opposite direction of lay. the first layer has six wires, and each additional layer ha