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Conductor core

Wire and Cable Glossary
    The center strand or member about which one of more layers of wires or members are laid helically to form a concentriclay or ropelay conductor.

Conductor, английский
  1. A substance which permits the flow of current.

  2. A wire or combination of wires not insulated from one another, suitable for carrying an electric current.

  3. 1. a substance or object which allows heat, electricity, light or sound to pass along it or through it 2. a tube with a groove in it along which a knife is slid to cut open a sinus

  4. A thick metal wire, generally of copper, extending from above the main truck downwards into the water, or in the form of a chain with long links. its use is to defend the ship from the effects of lightning, by conveying the electric fluid into the sea.

Conductor, английский

Conductor, английский

Conductor, английский

Conductor, испанский

Conductor failure, английский

Conductor finger, английский

Conductor guide arm, английский
    Направляющая штанга колонны направления (служит для ориентированного спуска колонны по направляющим канатам и ввода ее конца в устье подводной скважин

Conductor head, английский

Conductor housing, английский
    Головка колонны направления

Conductor resistance, английский

Conductor screen of semi-conducting tape, английский

Conductor shielding, английский
    A metallic sheath which surrounds an electric conductor. conduit 1. a tube or pipe used to protect electric wiring. 2. a tube or pipe used for conveying fluid. 3. any channel intended for the conveyance of water, whether open or closed.

Conductor suspension joint, английский
    Секция колонны направления для подвеоки головок последующих обсадных колонн

Conductor [oris, m], латинский

Conductor, chofer, испанский

Conductor, oris, m, латинский

Conductorius [a, um], латинский

Core, английский
  1. Remaining wood after a veneer peeling operation is completed.

  2. Any portion of a cable over which some other cable component, such as a shield, jacket, sheath or armor, is applied.

  3. Центральная часть оптического волокна, изготовленная из стекла. коэффициент преломления сердцевины меньше, чем у оболочки

  4. The internal duct and filter media support.

  5. Coherent-on-receive

  6. Common operational research equipment

  7. The central part of an optical fiber that carries light. the light-conducting portion of a fiber, defined by its higher refraction index. the core is the center of a fiber, surrounded by concentric cladding of lower refractive index.

  8. (1) a central strand around which other wires are wound in a core temple, (2) wire reinforcement imbedded in plastic temples (core wire).

  9. N сердцевина, ядро vocabulary

  10. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген); 16 элемент структуры вируса или клетки.

  11. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген);

  12. Заполнитель

Core, английский
    A mold component which forms the internal surface of the closure. the core also includes the threads.

Continuous vulcanization, английский
    Simultaneous extrusion and vulcanization of wire coating materials. it is abbreviated cv.

Concentricity, английский
  1. In a wire or cable, the measurement of the location of the center of the conductor with respect to the geometric center of the circular insulation.

  2. The measurement of how well-centered the core is within the cladding.

  3. Conformance to a common center as, for example, the inner and outer walls of round tube.