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Wire and Cable Glossary
    Electrical leakage on a solid dielectric surface.

Electrical, английский

Dielectric, английский
  1. An insulating (non-conductive) material. found between the inner core and outer shield of a co-axial cable.

  2. Материал, не проводящий электрический ток. используется для изготовления оптоволоконных кабелей, не подвергается воздействию электрических и электромагнитных полей (в том числе и полей большой мощности)

  3. A nonconductor of direct electric current.

  4. An insulating (nonconductive) material.

  5. A non-conductive insulator material between the center conductor and shield of coaxial cable. the dielectric constant determines the propagation velocity.

Crimp termination, английский
    A wire termination that is applied by physical pressure of terminal to wire.

Crazing, английский
  1. Minute lines appearing in or near the surface of materials, such as ceramics and plastics usually resulting as a response to environment. crazing cannot be felt by running a fingernail across it. if the fingernail catches, it is a crack, not crazing.

  2. A cracked or spider web appearance on a lens surface or edge.

  3. Дефект покровного слоя бумаги