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Crimp termination

Wire and Cable Glossary
    A wire termination that is applied by physical pressure of terminal to wire.

Crimp, английский
    [1] a crease formed in sheet or plate metal as a fastener or to reduce flexibility. [2] to press something into a locking seam (e.g., to close the soft metal mouth of a detonator over the raw end of a length of safety fuse). [3] slang for impede or hinder as in “it will put a crimp in their plans.” [4] a person who entrapped or kidnapped seamen to be sold to merchant captains (see sailor-monger). [5] the act of crimping.

Crimp contact, английский
    Беспаечный контакт

Crimp sleeve, английский
    A crimped metal cylinder that holds the connector to the cable through the cable`s strength member.

Crimp-bottom bag, английский

Crimp-on crown, английский

Crimped copper, английский
    Copper in sheets or strips having small transverse corrugations to provide for expansion, to increase rigidity, or to serve as ornamentation.

Crimped plate, английский

Crimped seam, английский

Crimped wire, английский
    A wire having a series of small curves in it; these deformations are provided to increase the capacity of the wire to bond to concrete.

Crimped-paper cup, английский

Crimping, английский
  1. Term used to describe the process of joining a cable to a connector without screwing or soldering. requires a special crimping tool to ensure a proper connection.

  2. A process similar to corrugating, but providing a surface (essentially flat) with regularly spaced small ridges. crinkle-crankle (brit.) a serpentine wall, esp. in the 18th century.

  3. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries the competing manpower needs of naval, merchant, and privateer captains encouraged illicit recruiters known as “crimpers” or “crimps” to trade in this scarce commodity for profit. becoming the private enterprise equivalent of the navy’s impress service, they supplied merchantmen and privateers with prime seamen in return for head money or a lien on future wages, as well as pocketing any valuables the man might be carrying. often a crimp plied the victim with liquor and persuaded him to sign articles while intoxicated. sometimes crimps acted as money lenders, encouraging a man to spend himself into debt, and then facing him with the alternatives of jail or signing on. fre- 85 crimping quently they offered a small bounty to the owners of taverns, brothels, and waterfront boarding houses who turned over merchant sailors or fishermen when they were too drunk to offer serious resistance. at liverpool, a sisterhood of crimp-prostitutes was said to decoy naval ratings ashore, and then sell them for three pounds a month on their future wages. the going rate for a man with naval experience was at least twenty guineas, so crimps also visited naval hospitals, debauching convalescent seamen with alcohol, and bribing them with promises of high wages if they deserted naval service to sign on with a privateer or merchantman on recovery. this was such a serious drain of naval manpower that it led admiral holbourne to declare “the crimp is worse than the deserter and ought to be hanged in his stead.”

Crimping press, английский

Crimping tool, английский
    Обжимные клещи (для кабеля)

Crimps, английский
    Detested agents who trepan seamen, by treating, advancing money, &c., by which the dupes become indebted, and when well plied with liquor are induced to sign articles, and are shipped off, only discovering their mistake on finding themselves at sea robbed of all they possessed.

Terminate, английский

Terminate, английский

Terminate (e.g., a session), английский

Terminate and leave, английский

Terminate and leave (t&l), английский

Terminate the examination, английский
    Заканчивать экспертизу; прекращать экспертизу

Termination, английский
  1. This usually refers to the physical act of terminating a cable with a special connector, which for coaxial cable is, usually, bnc. for fibre optic cable this is the st connector. it can also refer to the impedance matching when electrical transmission is

  2. 1). the load connected to the output end of a transmission line. 2). the provisions for ending a transmission line and connecting to a bus bar or other terminating device.

  3. The video cable requires an impedance of 75 ohms at normal video signal bandwidth. this is often called `low z`. there is a switch on the back of the monitors to select either 75 ohm or `high z` (sometimes `high/low`). if a signal is looped through more than one monitor all should be set to `high` except at last, which should be to `low` or 75 ohm.

  4. Preparation of the end of a fiber to allow connection to another fiber or an active device, sometimes also called "connectorization".

  5. Прекращение, расторжение

  6. An ornamental element which finishes off an architectural feature such as a dripstone.

  7. The act of ending something  termination (of pregnancy) abortion

  8. N окончание (слова ) terminography n терминография

Cross linking, английский
    The establishment of chemical bonds between polymer molecule chains. it may be accomplished by heat, vulcanization, irradiation or the addition of a suitable chemical agent.

Creepage, английский
    Electrical leakage on a solid dielectric surface.