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Crush resistance test

Wire and Cable Glossary
    A test to determine the ability of a cable to resist damage from radial compression, such as might be encountered in service.

Compression, английский
  1. A state or condition of being pushed or shortened by a force.

  2. Сжатие

  3. Сжатие (данных), уменьшение размеров файла изображения. см. также lossy и non-lossy. процесс упаковки данных с целью уменьшения занимаемого ими пространства на накопителе

  4. Компрессия, сжатие

  5. The reduction of volume of a vapor or gas by mechanical means.

  6. Digital video pictures can be compressed with a number of techniques. these include: jpeg and jpeg-2000 (for still images), m-jpeg and mpeg (for moving pictures).

  7. The reduction in gain at one level of a picture signal with respect to the gain at another level of the same signal.

  8. A digital photograph creates an image file that is huge, a low-resolution 640x480 image has 307,200 pixels. if each pixel uses 24 bits (3 bytes) for true color, a single image takes up about a megabyte of storage space. to make image files smaller almost every digital camera uses some form of compression. see the jpg entry below.

  9. The application of any of several techniques that reduce the amount of information required to represent that information in data transmission. this method reduces the required bandwidth and/or memory.

  10. A method of reducing the size of a digital image file to free up the storage capacity of memory cards and hard drives. compression technologies are distinguished from one another by whether or not they remove detail and color from the image. lossless technologies compress image data without removing detail, while "lossy" technologies compress images by removing some detail. joint photographic experts group (jpeg) is a lossy compression format supported by jpeg, pdf and postscript language file formats. most video formats are also lossy formats. tiff files are not and, as such, are far more stable than jpegs and other lossy file formats.

  11. Reducing the number of bits needed to encode a digital signal, typically by eliminating long strings of identical bits or bits that do not change in successive sampling intervals (e.g., video frames).

  12. A digital photograph creates an image file that is enormous. to enable image files to become smaller and more manageable cameras employ some form of compression such as jpeg. raw and tiff files have no compression and take up more space.

  13. 1. the act of squeezing or pressing  the first-aider applied compression to the chest of the casualty. 2. a serious condition in which the brain is compressed by blood or cerebrospinal fluid accumulating in it or by a fractured skull

  14. Смыкание (губок захватного устройства) cm. соmрutеr-соntrоllеd rоbоt 33. соntinuоus-раth mоtiоn движение робота по полностью программируемой траектории (при котором полная траектория, описываемая рукой манипулятора, программируется на программоноситель во время обучения так, чтобы каждая точка вдоль траектории движения регистрировалась для дальнейшего воспроизведения)

  15. Сжатие (данных); уплотнение; свертка; компрессия; упаковка

Currentcarrying capacity, английский
    The maximum current an insulated conductor or cable can continuously carry without exceeding its temperature rating. it is also called ampacity.

Cross sectional area of a conductor, английский
    The sum of cross sectional areas of all the individual wires composing the conductor. it is generally expressed in circular mils.