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Cv (continuous vulcanization)

Wire and Cable Glossary
    Simultaneous extrusion and vulcanization of wire coating materials.

Simultaneous, английский
  1. Одновременный

  2. A одновременный, синхронный component, interpreting

Vulcanization, английский
  1. An irreversible process during which a rubber compound through a change in its chemical structure (for example, crosslinking), becomes less plastic and more resistant to swelling by organic liquids and elastic properties are conferred, improved, or extend

  2. An irreversible process during which a rubber compound, through a change in its chemical structures, becomes less plastic, more resistant to swelling by organic liquids, and more elastic (or the elastic properties are extended over a greater range of temperature).

Decibel, английский
  1. Unit to express differences of power level. it is used to express power loss in cables.

  2. Децибел d-b; d/b decimal-to-binary (conversion) десятично-двоичное преобразование

  3. A logarithmic measure for power ratios, applied e.g. to optical powers or to noise powers

  4. The unit in which the level, 4 of various acoustical quantities is expressed.

  5. A unit of measurement of the loudness of sound, used to compare different levels of sound. symbol db comment: normal conversation is at about 50db. very loud noise with a value of over 120db, e.g. that of aircraft engines, can cause pain.

  6. Децибел; дб decibel-log frequency characteristic логарифмическая частотная характеристика

Cutthrough resistance, английский
    The ability of a given material to withstand penetration by a solid object of specified dimensions and weight, which is permitted to free fall onto this material from a specified height.