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Glosario Legal
    A government grant giving an inventor the exclusive right to make or sell his or her invention for a term of years

Government, английский
  1. N управление ~ and binding (theory) управление и связыва- ние (концепция )

  2. Generally means the constitution of our country as exercised under the legislature of king or queen, lords, and commons.

  3. The acts, rules, procedures, instruments of power and institutions by which the citizens of a country (or more generally the parts of a system) communicate with (->communication) and exert control upon each other so that the country as a whole maintains its unity and is directed toward ends chosen from within that country (->self-organization, ->autonomy). its opposite is laissez faire. in the reality of politics, government is rarely uniformly distributed and constituted (->constitution) instead in a ruling elite, exercising institutional control over those governed. this unequal distribution of government is particularly prevalent in technical realisations. e.g., the governor of a steam engine, computer control of a production process. in biology, such control hierachies (->hierarchy) rarely exist which suggest that they may be an outgrowth of rational constuctions not a fact of nature. qeafh

  4. An app category that facilitates engagement with government or politics.

Paternity, испанский
    Who the birth (biological) parents of a child are

Pat down search, испанский
    A limited search of the outer clothing of a person in an attempt to discover weapons which might be used to assault the officer and may be conducted if the officer has a reasonable belief that the detained person is armed and dangerous